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May 2021 Webinars

Tuesday, May 4th

Special guest guitarist Scott Henderson

  • Gain insights from a world-class guitarist and composer.
  • See how he uses DP for writing and producing songs.
  • Discuss his workflows for studio and on the road.

Thursday, May 6th

Drum Triggering

  • Use MIDI drums as an input device.
  • Learn routing and filtering for triggering VIs.
  • Edit MIDI data in various DP windows for greater control.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, May 11th

Melodyne deep dive with Carlo Libertini

  • Gain insights from a Celemony expert.
  • Learn basic and advanced features.
  • See how Melodyne can expand your DP workflow.

Thursday, May 13th

Creating better MIDI mockups with Ben Zebelman

  • Get MIDI orchestration insights from a professional composer.
  • Discuss strategies for using external controllers.
  • Combine CCs and automation for greater dynamics.
  • Create stems for delivery.

Tuesday, May 18th

Film Scoring tips with hands-on scoring lesson

  • Import a movie trailer for scoring and get hands on.
  • Set Chunk start times, tempos, meters, and locked markers.
  • Export time-stamped files for delivery.
  • Extended Q&A.


Thursday, May 20th

iOS recording with the M Series

  • Connect MOTU hardware to an iOS device.
  • Record and export high-res audio from your iPhone.
  • Import mobile recordings into DP for editing and mixing.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, May 25th

Special guest musician Ralph Grierson

  • Gain insights from a legendary session musician.
  • See how he uses DP for live sessions and song productions.
  • Discuss his workflows for studio and on the scoring stage.

Thursday, May 27th

Film Scoring with Clips

  • Import audio into Clips for creative triggering.
  • Add DP mastering FX for sweetening.
  • Prepare your score for submission.
  • Extended Q&A.