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November 2020 Webinars

Tuesday, November 3rd

Condensed Election Day Edition: Vote!

  • Review the top 20 DP shortcuts.
  • Vote for your favorite DP feature.
  • Vote for your favorite DP plug-in.

Thursday, November 5th

Record more efficiently

  • Use Punch GuardTM for safer punch-ins.
  • Use Auto Record and Overdub for MIDI and Audio.
  • Work faster while recording with transport shortcuts.
  • Use pre/post roll to capture "keeper" takes the first time.

Friday, November 6th

Back to Basics / Advanced Tips & Tricks

  • Learn the basics of DP10.
  • Create custom presets for tracking and mixing.
  • Organize and share user presets.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, November 10th

MIDI Devices and Patch Lists with Glenn Workman

  • Review Audio MIDI Setup.
  • Create configurations for external MIDI devices.
  • Choose or customize icons for devices.
  • Create or modify device lists and patch lists.

Thursday, November 12th

Producing records with special guest Jay Oliver

  • Gain insights from a world-class keyboardist, composer, and producer.
  • See how he uses DP for mixing and mastering.
  • Discuss his MOTU hardware and software workflows.

Friday, November 13th

Back to Basics / Advanced Tips & Tricks

  • Learn Movie window basics in DP10.
  • Set the start time, audio output and full screen mode.
  • Revisit Chunk start, locked markers, movie audio routing.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, November 17th

Shortcut Commands Continued

  • Search for and find commands.
  • Apply and manage default and custom shortcuts.
  • Get a PDF cheatsheet to learn more commands.

Thursday, November 19th

Conforming tracks and projects

  • Convert legacy projects to a new template.
  • Conform MIDI and audio to new tempos and meters.
  • Manage free-tempo and grid-based performances.
  • Create or eliminate multiple Chunks in a project.

Friday, November 20th

Back to Basics / Advanced Tips & Tricks

  • Movie window basics continued.
  • Use Find Tempo from Locked Markers feature.
  • Use Insert Measures, Change Tempo, Scale Tempos.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, November 24th

Special Guest Danny Elfman

Four-time Oscar nominee Danny Elfman has established himself as one of the most prolific and accomplished film composers of our time. He has collaborated with directors such as Tim Burton, Gus Van Sant, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson and Ang Lee. Beginning with his first score on Tim Burton’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, Elfman has scored over 100 films, including: Milk (Oscar nominated), Good Will Hunting (Oscar nominated), Big Fish (Oscar nominated), Men in Black (Oscar nominated), Edward Scissorhands, Batman, To Die For, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, Justice League and Spiderman. Most recently he has provided the music for Doctor Doolittle (2020) starring Robert Downey Jr. and The Woman in the Window starring Amy Adams (2020).

Join us on Zoom as we interview Danny and explore his mastery of Digital Performer and the craft of film-scoring.