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October 2021 Webinars

Friday, October 8th

Articulation Maps with guest Steve Steele

  • Create, integrate and save Articulation Maps.
  • Set up custom Remotes and Outputs and import 3rd-party maps.
  • Edit maps in MIDI editors and Quickscribe.
  • Export XML files with musical articulations.

Friday, October 15th

Nanosampler 2.0 and other workflow enhancements

  • Nanosampler 2.0 deep dive.
  • Rescue audio takes with Audio Retrospective Record.
  • Improve your workflow with Live Performance Mode.
  • Explore many new features like Track/Clip Effects and improved Strip Silence.

Friday, October 22nd

MPE Support

  • What is MPE and why does it matter to you?
  • Explore DP’s MPE integration.
  • Take advantage of multi-channel MIDI tracks.
  • View and edit Per-note Expression in Data Lanes.
  • Use the new Scale Tool to edit expression data.
  • See how DP’s included VIs are now MPE compatible.

Friday, October 29th

Visual workflow enhancements

  • Use List Font Scaling to improve the visibility of lists.
  • Explore Chunk Folders and Playlists.
  • Manage Chunks more efficiently with Split List View.
  • Control what you see with the Enhanced View Filtering and the Event Type Selector.
  • Dynamically resize Channel Strips or set your fader height preference.