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September 2020 Webinars

Tuesday, September 1st

Mastering the Conductor Track

  • Input conductor track data using various methods.
  • Use conductor track view options in edit windows.
  • Add markers and streamers to your workflow.
  • Import and export tempo/meter maps.

Thursday, September 3rd

Remixing a horror score with guest Richard Band

  • Import, edit and organize your mixing session.
  • Set up FX chains, busses, and master effects.
  • Use automation and bite gain for precise levels.
  • Special guest composer Richard Band.

Friday, September 4th

"Fix it in the mix" techniques

  • Explore ways to fix poorly recorded parts.
  • Correct timing issues with various instruments.
  • Develop strategies to improve mixes.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, September 8th

Expanding your sonic palette with guest Bo Astrup

  • Learn about new 3rd-party plugins available for DP.
  • Get a tour of cutting-edge 3rd-party virtual instruments.
  • Explore best practices for hosting plugins and VIs.
  • Special guest Bo Astrup from Music Marketing.

Thursday, September 10th

Scoring Tips from special guest Joey Newman

  • Design your custom DP template.
  • Get the most out of your samples.
  • Set up, compose and deliver TV scores.
  • Special guest composer Joey Newman.

Friday, September 11th

Dive into more DP10 Plug-ins

  • Sonic Modulator: DP’s powerful filter plugin.
  • DP’s unique distortion and delay plugins.
  • Fuel your inspiration with "creative" plug-ins.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, September 15th

DP enters the Twilight Zone™

  • Warp and mangle your music.
  • Discover the bizarre that lurks within.
  • Apply random transpose maps.
  • Completely transform audio with Proverb™.

Thursday, September 17th

Scoring Tips from special guest Terence Blanchard

  • Gain insights from a world-class musician and composer.
  • See how he uses DP for film scoring and songwriting.
  • Discuss his workflows for studio and on-stage.

Friday, September 18th

Back to Basics / Advanced Tips & Tricks

  • Review the basics of Digital Performer 10.
  • Integrate AudioSwift for the Apple Trackpad.
  • Improve your mixing in-the-box.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, September 22nd

Music and tech talk with special guest Van Dyke Parks

  • Gain insights on his scoring and arranging approach.
  • See how he uses DP in the studio.
  • Review custom templates.

Thursday, September 24th

Building your Custom Library of Material and Settings

  • Convert tracks to Clips and save for future sessions.
  • Save VI & plug-in presets.
  • Archive material as global and project clippings.
  • Save region commands and other useful settings.

Friday, September 25th

Back to Basics / Plug-ins Continued

  • Learn the basics of DP10.
  • MW Gate: DP’s powerful gate plug-in.
  • DP’s unique dynamics, distortion and delay plugins.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, September 29th

Gain Staging With Different Sources

  • Learn strategies for recording different input sources.
  • Record DI guitar with MOTU’s ZBox impedance adapter.
  • Use DP’s MS Decoder plug-in to control mid-side width.
  • Add outboard gear with the Hardware Insert plug-in.