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Supported models: 1248, 112D, 16A, 24Ai, 24Ao, 624, 828es, 8A, 8D, 8M, LP32, M64, Monitor 8, Stage-B16, UltraLite AVB, UltraLite-mk4 (Note: the 8pre-es already ships with Touch Console.)


The art of the mix on your touchscreen

Designed specifically for touchscreen operation, Touch Console delivers a whole new mixing experience for your MOTU pro audio interface. Now you can effortlessly control your interface's powerful 48-channel mixer and effects from your tablet or smartphone.
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Let your fingers fly through your mix

Touch Console provides large targets for your fingertips and intuitive operation, so you can tweak fast and easily in the heat of the moment while recording, mixing, or performing. Tap, swipe and pinch your way to a perfect mix, every time.
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Complete control of your mix — in the palm of your hand

Touch Console gives you access to almost every feature in your MOTU interface mixer, from I/O assignments to pre/post fader send levels. It's like having a full-fledged front-of-house mixing console that rests in the palm of your hand.
Mobile Connectivity

Mobile Connectivity

Dynamics Graph

Dynamic Control

Reverb Graph

Reverb Control

On Faders

On Faders

Multi Select

Multi - Select

Designed for

touchscreen operation.


Every mix setting...just a tap away

How do you pack a large console mixer into a touch screen that fits into your pocket? With ingenious user interface design, Touch Console gives you access to any parameter in the entire mix with just a few taps of your finger.
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Get that long-throw feeling

With one touch, the 'On Faders' panel lets you map sends for any bus or group to the channel faders, giving you long-throw fader control over send levels, combined with fast, intuitive channel navigation.
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Fast, simple navigation

The Overview Strip gives you a bird's eye view of the entire 48-channel mixer, including signal activity metering for all inputs and busses. Drag the focus lens to scroll or tap anywhere to jump to that section.
Overview Strip


Choose your highest-priority channel

The Sidebar fader stays pinned to the right side of the screen as you scroll to remain visible. Use it for the main bus fader, or any fader you want. It can even follow your "On Faders" setting for immediate access to the bus fader you are currently mixing.
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Touch Console

mixing features.


Control EQ, dynamics, reverb and the Leveler

Each input channel provides dedicated tabs for the multi-band EQ, compressor, and gate, along with a Sends tab that lets you control all send levels for the channel in one place with resizable faders. Bus faders add Classic Reverb and the Leveler, a spot-on emulation of the legendary LA-2A compressor.


The ultimate channel strip

The channel tab provides quick access to every setting for any channel. Adjust parameters graphically or with numerical precision. Quickly jump directly to any channel.
Channel renaming


Long-throw send faders all in one place

A single mixer input channel has twelve stereo sends: 7 aux, 3 group, reverb and main. The Sends tab shows them all in one place, color-coded, with long-throw faders for detailed control.
Sends tab