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FreeStyle Overview

Freestyle is the first trackless sequencer with instant music notation. Powerful, yet easy to use, FreeStyle gives you the freedom to concentrate on what is most important to you—your music.

Create compositions intuitively using ensembles, players, takes and arrangements. Get inspired with FreeStyle’s dozens of drum riffs. Notate your performances as you play. See your music on screen exactly as it will print. Get started quickly with built-in support for dozens of popular MIDI instruments, including any General MIDI device. FreeStyle provides both tape recorder and drum machine style composing.

Upgrading to FreeStyle

If you currently own any sequencing software and you want to upgrade to FreeStyle, you can take advantage of our competitive upgrade offer.

If you currently own FreeStyle 2.1 (Mac) or 2.30 (WinNT), you can upgrade to FreeStyle 2.31 for free by contacting . If you own FreeStyle 2.02 or before, or FreeStyle LE, you can upgrade to FreeStyle 2.31 using our on-line order page

System Requirements
68030-based Macintosh (or faster) with at least 16 MB RAM (24 MB for PowerPC). System 7.01 to 9.x. Power Macintosh and 64 MB RAM recommended. Power Macintosh required for FreeStyle 2.31. The 2.31 Installer CD will install FreeStyle 2.11 for 68K Macs (same feature set).

System Requirements
Pentium-based PC (or faster) with at least 16 MB RAM. 64 MB RAM recommended. Requires Windows 95/98/Me/2K/NT4+. Does not run under Windows 3.1 or Windows XP.