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Mosaic Overview

State-of-the-art music desktop publishing software for the Macintosh.

Mosaic provides a WYSIWYG environment in which you can produce publication-quality music notation, from lead sheets to full orchestra scores. Compatible with Mac OS versions through Mac OS 9.2.2. Includes real-time MIDI recording and playback, as well as convenient step-record and mouse and keyboard note entry. Supports standard MIDI file format. Unlimited voices, staves, and voices per staff. Unlimited Undo/Redo.

Unique multiple views feature-see the same music formatted differently in separate windows, such as a transposed staff in an instrument part and the same staff at a smaller point size in concert pitch in the conductor score-all in the same file and linked dynamically. (Drag a note in one window, for example, and it changes in the others.) Completely flexible page formatting directly on the page. Precise, flexible, "click-and-drag" placement of over 160 musical symbols. Reshape slurs, ties, dynamics and more. Word-processing-style lyric entry with automatic text flow through music. Advanced features include engraver spacing, cross-staff beaming, all forms of musical transposition, check rhythm and range commands, and complex meters.

Elegant graphic user interface carefully adheres to Macintosh software design conventions. The only notation software to provide easy sound selection of built-in sounds in your MIDI synthesizers using convenient pop-up menus. Supports multi-port MIDI interfaces such as the MIDI Express XT and MIDI Timepiece AV.