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MOTU Symphonic Instrument - Universal orchestral instrument

Additional Feature Highlights

Dozens of ensembles are included - or create your own

The MOTU Symphonic Instrument lets you load and save Multis - a collection of instruments that can be loaded and saved together as an ensemble, complete with an acoustic space (reverb setting), volume, panning, tone control and everything you need to save and instantly recall a perfectly balanced, unified ensemble. Dozens of preset ensembles are included, such as Brass Quintet, Choirs & Classical Guitar, Eight French Horns, Concert Mallet & Percussion and Baroque Orchestra. And you can, of course, create and save your own ensembles. You can then reload the entire ensemble in one easy step.

See a complete list of included instrument ensembles here.

Brass Ensemble Brass Solo Classical Guitar Harp String Ensemble Strings Solo
4 French Horns
8 French Horns
Trumpets 1
Trumpets 2
Xtra Brass Ensemble 1
Xtra Brass Ensemble 2
Xtra French Horns
Flugel Horn
French Horn
Trombone 1
Trombone Bass
Trumpet 1
Trumpet 2
Trumpet 3
Trumpet 4 Mute
Trumpet Piccolo
Xtra Brass Solo Combo
Classical Guitar 1
Classical Guitar 2
Harp 1
Harp 2
All Strings
Complete Strings Ensemble
Violins 1
Violins 2

Tutti Orchestra Voices Woodwinds Ensemble
Tutti Brass
Tutti Orchestra
Tutti Strings
Childrens Ahs
Childrens Ehs
Childrens Ihs
Childrens Ohs
Childrens stac
Childrens sus
Mixed Choirs Ahs
Mixed Choirs Ihs
Mixed Choirs stac
Mixed Choirs sus
Religious Female
Religious Mix
Flutes 1
Flutes 2
Woodwinds Combo

Woodwinds Solo Xtra Orchestral set Xtra Combinations
Alto Flute
Bass Clarinet
Bass Flute
Contra Basson
English Horn
Oboe 1
Oboe 2
Oboe 3
Oboe d'Amore 1
Oboe d'Amore 2
Woodwinds Solo Combo
Xtra Flutes Solo Combo
20th Orchestra
Baroque Orchestra
Baroque Trio Sonata
Brass Orchestra
Brass Solo Orchestra
Classical Orchestra
Concert Band
Concert Mallet & Percussion
Flutes Solo Orchestra
Military Band
Piano Trio
Quatuor Orchestra
Romantic Orchestra
Saxophones Ensemble
Strings Orchestra
Wind Octet
Woodwinds Orchestra
Woodwinds Orchestra
4 Strings X
4 Strings
5 Strings X
5 Strings
Brs Quintet
Cello & Oboe
Cello Ensemble & Violin Solo
Ch Orch full
Ch Orch str
Children Choirs & Clarinet
Choirs & Classical Guitar
Church Organ & Trumpet Piccolo
French Horn & Trumpet
Guitar & Flute
Harpsichord & Lute
Lrg Orc V1
Lrg Orc V2
Lute & Recorder
Mega Performance 1
Mega Performance 2
Piano & Cello Solo
Strings & Clarinet
Sym Band V1
Sym Band V2
Tutti Strings & Alto Flute
Viol & Crumhorn Alto


Easy to navigate browser

Double-click one of the sixteen parts to open the multi-column instrument browser. Instruments are clearly presented and intuitively organized by category. You can find and audition the instrument you want in seconds.

Dynamic performance with Expert Mode

Expert mode lets you dynamically add, remove and stack (layer) multiple Symphonic Instrument sounds as you play them from your MIDI controller. Bring instruments in and out, on the fly, using key switches, velocity ranges or note ranges. You can even crossfade between instruments by sending continuous MIDI data (expression controllers) from a mod wheel or other device. The MOTU Symphonic Instrument truly is a powerful real-time performance tool that delivers an entire orchestra to your fingertips.

Realistic expression with MIDI controllers

Achieve incredibly realistic, dynamic performances from the Symphonic Instrument using MIDI continuous controller data from your mod wheel, foot pedal, automated fader control surface or other MIDI control source. Most of The Symphonic Instrument's parameters can be mapped to external control, giving you hands-on, real-time expressive control over your instruments. You can even assign MIDI modulation to crucial individual parameters such as filter cutoff frequency for even deeper expressiveness.

Compatibility with MachFive

If you own MachFive, you can load MOTU Symphonic Instrument sounds into MachFive. This lets you use the unified MachFive interface to incorporate the huge Symphonic Instrument library into your MachFive-driven workflow. You can also take full advantage of MachFive's extensive Expert Mode features for even more dynamic performance control over your Symphonic Instrument sounds.

Scroll Wheel Support

For additional convenience and fast operation, the MOTU Symphonic Instrument supports the scroll wheel on your mouse. Use it to quickly adjust settings or choose an instrument.