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Title Modification Date
Using iLok-authorized plug-ins 02.26.2013
Can CueMix FX configuration files be exchanged between different MOTU hardware models? 01.21.2013
Digital Performer / AudioDesk Authorization Loop 01.17.2013
MicroBook II: Routing one or more sources to multiple outputs 01.11.2013
How to toggle Auto-Power mode on the Audio Express and 4pre. 01.10.2013
Using the MicroBook II's Phones output with GarageBand (OSX 10.7 and later) 12.12.2012
Using JBridgeM with Digital Performer 8 results in a crash upon bouncing to disk. 12.07.2012
How To Remove a Traveler's Top Panel 11.16.2012
Can I use MOTU hardware in Pro Tools software? 11.15.2012
How do I trigger multiple BPM banks simultaneously in my DAW software? 03.02.2012
How do I clear the default patch selection in my MIDI tracks in Digital Performer? 12.07.2011
Blank Columns and Markings Fix 12.07.2011
Getting started with BPM 12.06.2011
896mk3 Hybrid: No Word Clock Out When Connected via USB 10.31.2011
DP 7.23 (or earlier DP 7.x versions) won't authorize on a Lion system 08.25.2011
Can I use my MOTU hardware with 64-bit versions of Windows? Does my software work with 64-bit versions of Windows? 05.10.2011
How to reauthorize DP, AudioDesk, or Unisyn under Tiger (OS 10.4) 03.28.2011
MOTU PCI-324 Compatibility with a Windows PC 03.10.2011
What are the system requirements for Digital Performer 7? 03.10.2011
Registering your MOTU product 03.10.2011