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Authorization loop with Digital Performer or AudioDesk

I'm trying to authorize Digital Performer / AudioDesk on my computer. After entering my name and key code and pressing 'OK,' the authorization window reappears and asks for the information again.

NOTE: If you are using OSX 10.7 or later, make sure you read this Tech Note first. If the computer you are trying to authorize Digital Performer or AudioDesk does not have an optical disk drive, be sure to consult this Tech Note as well.

We've found that this issue may occur specifically when attempting to authorize the software on a drive that was migrated from another system. Follow these steps to resolve this:

1. Quit all running applications.

2. Go to HD > Library > Application Support and locate the "MOTU" folder.

3. Control-click (or right-click) the MOTU folder and choose "Get Info" to open the Info window. In the "Sharing and Permissions" section set privileges to "Read & write" for both the system and admin(s). You may need to click the Lock icon in the lower-right corner in order to make changes.

4. Click the wheel icon at the bottom of the window and choose "Apply to enclosed items."

Once this is complete, launch Digital Performer 7.24 or AudioDesk 3.21 directly from your Applications folder and enter your name and key code once more. The authorization information should now be accepted.