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Zoom is a free, cross-platform online meeting software for Mac and Windows. Attendees are welcome to participate with both a webcam and microphone. If you choose, you can join Zoom meetings anonymously (no name, or no last name) and you don’t have to use your microphone or webcam. Just watch and listen. You can join or leave meetings at any time.

New to Zoom?

To join, click the 'Get Zoom' button below to download install the Zoom software on your computer. At this point, be sure to test your computer’s audio output, webcam and mic. On Mac, these settings can be found in the application menu: Zoom > Preferences On Windows, these settings are accessed by right-clicking on the Zoom icon in the system tray, and choosing Settings. Then follow the instructions below to join the meeting.

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Then you are ready to go! Just follow the instructions below.

How to join the meeting

The meeting details will become available at the top of this page 15 minutes before its scheduled start time. Launch Zoom and enter the meeting ID and password to join the meeting. Bookmark this page to access the login details before each meeting. Note: the meeting ID and password will change for each session, be sure to save these links.

Security and privacy

MOTU webinars follow these practices to protect your privacy:

  • Only the host can screen share.
  • All contact information is kept confidential.
  • Note: Webinars are recorded.