Performer Lite provides everything you need to record, edit, mix, process and master your own music tracks quickly and easily. Plug in your mic, guitar and MIDI keyboard and start tracking with over 100 virtual instruments, dozens of effects plug-ins, guitar FX processing and much more.

New to Performer Lite?

To get started with Performer Lite (or to download the latest version), follow these simple steps:

  1. Click "View My Registrations" below to log in to your account or to create a new account (REQUIRED).

      View My Registrations
  2. If you haven't already done so, register your purchased MOTU hardware product (REQUIRED).
    Note: Performer Lite is only available to registered MOTU hardware users.*
  3. Click View Details for your registered hardware product.
  4. Under Included loops and software click the Performer Lite banner.
  5. For more information, check out the Performer Lite Getting Started video below.

*If you previously received AudioDesk with your interface and are interested
in Performer Lite,
click here to contact customer service for your copy.

Already activated?

To update your copy of Performer Lite, use the download links below:

Windows Installer       Mac Installer

Looking for AudioDesk®?
Performer Lite replaces AudioDesk and offers much more in terms of features and compatibility with today's latest computer systems.

Already have AudioDesk® and want Performer Lite instead?
Click here to contact customer service for your copy.

Getting Started with Performer Lite

Workshops and Webinars


Performer Lite
Personalized Interactive Workshops

Learn Performer Lite quickly in a one-hour, semi-private workshop hosted by a MOTU technician. Go step by step, interactively, to set up your computer and record your first tracks — or dive into more advanced features, if you are ready. Learn how to mix your song and export a final stereo mix. Ask questions and get answers along the way.

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Weekly Webinar
Getting Started with Performer Lite

Every Monday, learn how to get started making music quickly with Performer Lite during these, free interactive training sessions. We’ll start each session with step-by-step basics, followed by interactive Q&A with MOTU product specialists. Follow the instructions below to get connected.

Every Monday
12:30 PM EDT / 9:30 AM PDT