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Get Smart: The Ultimate DP6 Training Series DVD

This invaluable training resource from MacAudioLab provides fifteen hours of all new video training for Digital Performer, MachFive 2, MOTU Hardware, and much more.

Designed for all users, from beginners just getting started with a Digital Performer-based studio, to seasoned professionals looking for new ways to improve their workflow, to any user looking to quickly get up to speed on the new features in DP6, the Ultimate DP6 Learning Series DVD is presented in an engaging, interactive QuickTime environment playable on any Mac running QuickTime 7 or higher.

You'll see real-world, hands-on projects, close-ups and spotlights on features being discussed, coverage on MachFive version 2, and twice the video content of earlier editions of the DVD.

DP6 training DVD promo

Topic highlights include:

  • Digital Performer 6.0
  • MachFive version 2.0 in-depth
  • CueMix FX application
  • Ethno Instrument in-depth
  • Optimizing your audio system
  • 828mk3 integration
  • Traveler integration
  • Pitch correcting vocal takes
  • Track comping
  • Direct audio CD burning
  • In-depth mixing in Digital Performer
  • Professional project management
  • Audio file concepts
  • Creating and customizing DP projects
  • Improving overall audio performance
  • Mixing, EQ, and compression techniques
  • Scoring for DV/Film
  • Working with multiple tempos
  • In-depth mastering techniques
  • Recording audio/MIDI
  • Sequence Editor
  • Automation techniques
  • Beat Detection Engine
  • Arranging
  • Advanced audio editing
  • and much more...