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MOTU demos from NAMM 2015

We'd like to thank the throngs of NAMM 2015 attendees who stopped by during the show. The MOTU booth was literally bristling with AVB audio interfaces, all networked together with a 100 meter Ethernet cable. Hobbit orchestrator James Sizemore shared insights into the scoring process on the Hobbit films, and MOTU's Dave Roberts gave packed booth audiences an exciting sneak preview of DP9. Additional presentations offered insights into music production and advanced sound design using Digital Performer and Machfive 3.

Watch these demo videos to relive the excitement and take a deep dive into all the latest MOTU developments.

Introducing DP9

Introducing DP9

MOTU's Dave Roberts provides a sneak preview of some of the new features and plug-ins to be introduced in Digital Performer version 9.

Seven exciting new AVB Audio Interfaces

Dave Roberts provides a comprehensive overview of MOTU's exciting new AVB audio interfaces, including the NAMM debut of the 112D digital interface with MADI.

Seven exciting new AVB audio interfaces
Music Production with DP

Music production with Digital Performer

LA-based Composer and Producer David Das constructs a finished mix in 30 minutes, from initial tracking to final mix, using Digital Performer.

Advanced sound design with MachFive 3

MOTU's Matt LaPoint shows how easy it is to employ MachFive's advanced features, such as IRCAM granular synthesis, to create completely unique soundscapes in minutes.

Advanced sound design with MachFive 3

Below, MOTU AVB interfaces are connected to a MOTU AVB Switch, networked to the rest of the booth through a 100-meter CAT-6 Ethernet cable.