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Now shipping: Digital Performer 8.05

Digital Performer 8.05 is now shipping and provides many improvements, optimizations, and refinements. This update is recommended for all DP8 users. Check out highlights in this release below and download it now.

Grab the update at

Here are just a few highlights:

  • Added "At Wiper" and "At Original Time" versions of Paste, Merge, and Splice. Refer to the commands window for their default key bindings.
  • Performance improvements for video playback on Mac OS X.
  • External video (DV and sample-accurate MOTU video hardware) can now sync to MTC or LTC.
  • External video offset now applies to MOTU video hardware output (in addition to DV output).
  • Latencies are now updated properly before bounce-to-disk.
  • Improved latency compensation for side chains and virtual instrument (VI) aux outputs during bounce to disk and pregen mode.
  • Improved DP's responsiveness to scroll wheels (on both Apple products and third-party products).
  • Stability improvements in the Effects Chooser.
  • Improved Audio Unit (AU) plug-in support (Omnisphere in particular).
  • Improve compatibility with Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) and Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP).
  • Selection info times are now stored per chunk rather than globally, restoring DP5 behavior.
  • Fixed copy and paste behavior for soundbites with sync points.
  • Restored the "None" start-up document option to the Mac version.
  • Mixing board volume and pan are no longer chased for play-disabled MIDI tracks.
  • Command/Ctrl-up/down arrow now zoom in the tracks overview.
  • Improvements to color preferences and their effect on audio waveform colors.
  • MIDI notes are no longer dropped during MIDI controller overdub recording.
  • Autosave improvements: you can now limit how many auto-saves will be maintained by DP.
  • Added support for the OSC control surface plug-in for 64-bit operation on Windows (required for DP8's iPhone app).
  • Improved MP3 export speed.
  • Option-clicking a window's close button now closes all similar windows (not all windows).
  • AU automation values can once again be edited by typing into value boxes.
  • Improved audio performance while slaved to MIDI Time Code (MTC).
  • Double-clicking on soundbite in the Tracks overview once again scrolls to that soundbite in the sequence editor.
  • Fixed Bounce to CD on the Mac.
  • Addressed an issue with Custom Consoles when running DP in 64-bit mode.