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This Week is Chunks Week

Inspired by popular demand, this week is…Chunks Week: five videos, one per day, that unlock the mysteries of DP's totally unique Chunks feature. If you've often wondered how you can make Chunks a bigger part of your life, follow this video series for a deeper understanding of this often misunderstood — and still unequaled — DAW feature. Hosted by MOTU's Magic Dave Roberts, these short videos are sure to inform and entertain.

You can view the videos below, or on the MOTU Facebook page, Youtube channel, or Vimeo channel.

They are also available on the Digital Performer videos page.

Chunks: Introduction

Chunks: Introduction

Chunks and V-Racks

Chunks and V-Racks

Chunks and multitrack recording

Chunks and Multitrack Recording

Chunks and scoring for film/TV

Chunks and Scoring for film/TV

Chunks and song arranging

Chunks and Song Arranging