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Musical effects for creative production

Turn your guitar into a synthesizer


MegaSynth combines polyphonic octave generation with flexible signal routing, envelopes, LFOS, a pattern generator and macros. Input your guitar — or any signal — and let the synthesis mayhem begin! MegaSynth generates octave, sub-octave and square wave tones based on the input signal. You can mix, route and process the four signals (voices) in a virtually infinite number of ways with creative processing, including a programmable pattern generator, macros that control multiple parameters at once and an envelope follower.

Stunningly realistic acoustic spaces


ProVerb™ is a CPU-efficient convolution reverb plug-in for Digital Performer that delivers the sound of stunningly realistic acoustic spaces to any Digital Performer track or mix. From soaring cathedrals to studio plates, ProVerb provides dozens of presets that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Simply put, ProVerb represents the first and last word in reverb.

Why does it sound so incredible?

Convolution "samples" (captures) the sound of a real acoustic space, such as concert hall or cathedral, to faithfully reproduce it, down to the last detail and nuance. Because it is sampled, not synthesized, convolution reverb is known for its stunning realism, and it is widely considered to be the best type of reverb.

Why ProVerb sounds better

ProVerb's factory presets sound more rich and acoustically accurate than other convolution reverbs because both the impulse responses (sampled spaces) and the ProVerb convolution engine processes four separate channels for stereo processing: two channels (left and right) for the left side and two channels for the right side.

Real acoustic spaces

Dozens of preset acoustic spaces (impulse responses) are included, from halls and stages, to plates and cathedrals. You can even choose different locations within the space. Need a cathedral? Choose the altar, front pew, middle pew, or back row pew. Many presets also offer left, center, and right, to spread elements of your mix.

Classic synthesized reverb


eVerb provides CPU-efficient, classic synthesized reverb with dozens of presets, in-depth programming, and graphic control. Choose a preset and then adjust crucial parameters such as the early reflections, diffusion and shelf-filtering to fine-tune your sound. eVerb is highly efficient so you can use it liberally throughout your mix, wherever needed, with excellent overall performance. This is a bread-and-butter reverb you can use every day.

Vintage spring tank reverb


Made popular by that twangy, 1960's surf rock guitar sound, spring reverb adds unmistakable flavor to any instrument or track. Springamabob provides authentic reproduction of three different spring tanks: long double, long triple, and short triple.

Hear Springamabob used together with other DP effects.

Classic plate reverb effect


Plate reproduces the classic sound of the plate reverbs of the 1950's, 60's and 70's. Apply up to six seconds of reverb to your audio signal with detailed control over frequency distribution, filtering, mix, predelay, crossover frequencies, and diffusion.

A unique twist on the chorus effect

Ensemble Chorus

Looking like an alien spacecraft console, Ensemble Chorus subtly transforms vocal tracks or instruments into richly chorused multiple voices spread across the stereo soundstage. An ideal companion to ProVerb, it can also be used effectively as a stand-alone processor for thickening up a group of voices, making a guitar swirl, or other chorusing effects. Results range from subtle and refined to drastic and bizarre. With this processor, let your imagination go…

Kick drum enhancer


Shake the walls, or simply add a little oomph to your kick drum track. Subkick produces synthesized sub-base frequencies, triggered by a kick drum or similar transient-laden, rhythmic audio signal. How low can you go? That's up to you, but if there are plate glass windows around (or other breakables), use with caution! When you watch the Subkick movie, be sure to run the movie soundtrack through a beefy speakers, preferably equipped with a decent sub-woofer.

Extreme, automatable filter effects

Multimode Filter

Epic sweeps...beat-synced rhythmic burble....talkbox chatter...MultiMode Filter is all about dynamic filter effects. Draw automation curves, play notes on your MIDI keyboard, twist LFO knobs, or push envelope depth with your mod wheel to sweep, twist, contort and otherwise animate low-pass, high-pass, peak and notch filter effects.

The ultimate modulation machine

Sonic Modulator

Sonic Modulator puts every form of modulation you could dream of at your fingertips, ready to apply to any audio track, live input, or virtual instrument. But first, the incoming signal is split into two separate frequency bands, so you can apply all settings independently to each band. Whoa! You get four phase-syncable LFOs and an amplitude envelope, combined with pitch, filter, amplitude and delay modulators. Of course, everything can be beat-synced. Choose from dozens of presets to begin mangling your audio right away.

Pulsating, rhythmic, hypnotic, groovetronic…

Pattern Gate

These are just some of the words that can be used to describe the rhythm-based effects in Digital Performer's Pattern Gate plug-in. Choose a metric resolution (such as 16th notes, 8th notes, etc.), a pattern length from 1 to 16 steps, and depth (mix) for fully (or partially) muted steps. Click the sixteen LED-illuminated pads to program killer rhythmic patterns in seconds. A three-stage envelope gives you fine-tune control over the shape (attack/sustain/release) of each played step. An LFO can be applied to any of the shape parameters, such as attack, release, depth or sustain (or any combination). The result is a gradual modulation over time that makes the pattern "breathe" in time with your music.

Bounce your sound around


Digital Performer's Delay plug-in offers dozens of presets to get you started. Edit parameters with the precision of millisecond timing, just like the classic hardware delays of the past, or dial in rhythmic pulsations locked to the beat and tempo of your sequence. Add feedback for absolutely sick delay effects and for absolutely mind-blowing delay effects, use the Delay plug-in in your 5.1 surround mix.

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