Virtual Instruments

Digital Performer includes hundreds of sampled virtual instruments, from acoustic guitars to brass and woodwinds to cover just about any musical style you can imagine. Also included are a host of virtual synth plug-ins, featuring MX4, DP's mega multi-synth. Thumpin' bass lines, sparkling leads, rich pads, and slammin' drums: they're all included.

Virtual Instruments

Thumpin' bass lines, sparkling leads, rich pads, and slammin' drums: all included

Thumpin' bass lines, sparkling leads, rich pads, and slammin' drums: all included

Virtual Instruments

Digital Performer's included virtual instruments model a wide range of electronic music instruments, from classic samplers, to FM synthesizers, to modeled analog pad and bass synths. Choose a preset, dial up a few tweaks, and in minutes create a full mix. Digital Performer's included instrument plug-ins rival sophisticated third-party plug-ins costing hundreds of dollars. They are designed to be easy and fun to use, yet with the level of control you'd expect from an advanced synth.

MOTU Instruments Soundbank

Hundreds of virtual instruments and loops — now included

DP10 includes a 5 GB library of multi-sample acoustic instruments, synths, loops and phrases: that's over 300 different instruments, 1100 instrument presets and 500 loops. You’ll find acoustic and electronic drum kits, pianos, guitars and basses, along with church organs, electric organs, strings, brass, woodwinds, synths, ethnic instruments, choirs, voices, percussion, sound effects and more. This versatile collection of instruments spans musical genres, eras, geographical regions and cultural styles.

Mega multi-synth with new EDM soundbank


Meet the instrument plug-in powerhouse for your Digital Performer desktop. Inspired by legendary subtractive synthesizers, MX4 combines several core synthesis techniques in a unified, hybrid synthesis engine that delivers fresh and vintage sounds alike. As you explore its many banks and hundreds of presets, you'll soon rely on MX4 as your "go-to" instrument. Fat basses, nasty leads, analog pads, vintage electronica — it's all at your fingertips and conveniently saved with your DP projects for instant recall. Tweaking sounds is fast and easy with clearly presented controls in one window — but with a depth and sophistication true synth programmers will appreciate. Create your music with pristine 32-bit sound quality, unlimited voices and unlimited polyphony (as much as your host computer allows). MX4's flexible programming and advanced modulation architecture provide the intimacy of a vintage synth, the flexibility of a modular synth, and the innovation of a virtual synth.

Spark your EDM tracks with cutting-edge sounds

Signature EDM soundbank for MX4

Developed by synth guru Erik Norlander, this exciting new soundbank spans the EDM sound spectrum, from deep house to neo disco to electro swing. You'll find presets that inspire new directions, and with a little tweaking, define your unique sound. Browse dozens of basses, leads, pads, arps, sample & hold and rhythm blocks. These presets are a showcase for MX4 as a synth programming powerhouse.


Nanosampler 2.0

Create your own instruments and sounds

This major upgrade of DP’s nanosampler is your new go-to virtual instrument for creating unique beats, instruments and sounds. Drop in a sample and start stretching, slicing, randomizing and transforming audio into just about any sound or instrument you can imagine.

  • 3 Playback Modes:
    Classic, 1-shot, Slice
  • ZTX time stretching
  • Settings tab with Envelopes
    and LFO graphs
  • Trigger and Gate playback
  • Snapping to minimize clicks
  • Sample gain, Fade-In and Fade-out
  • Repeat and Reverse
  • Drag and drop import
  • Support for 32 and 64-bit floating point sound files

Build and organize your library

Build your own personalized library of samples, organized as you wish on your computer desktop and accessed instantly from Nanosampler sub-menus that reflect your customized folder organization. You can even "collect" the samples being used, regardless of their source location, into your DP project folder for easy archiving and session exchange with your colleagues. This is the way sampling was meant to be. Simple. Powerful. Convenient. And CPU efficient. Open as many Nanosamplers as you have samples to play.

Analog bass synthesizer


BassLine™ is an analog-style monophonic bass synth that puts out monstrous low end. BassLine's controls are dedicated to the bass, the whole bass, and nothing but the bass. The result? Instant killer bass lines have never been easier to produce. BassLine has one oscillator that blends two waveforms that are perfect for bass sounds (saw and square). It also includes one low-pass filter with cutoff and resonance, simple decay envelopes for the filter and amplifier and several additional analog synth features. BassLine's classic design will feel instantly familiar to retro analog synth enthusiasts, and for those not so familiar with its legacy, BassLine offers an easy-to-understand introduction to early synth design of a bygone (and now reborn) era.

Retro analog pad synth


If you never had a chance to program analog synths from the '80s, here's your opportunity. With a distinct look that harkens back to the classic Roland Juno 106, PolySynth is capable of a much wider variety of sounds than BassLine, thanks to its digital controlled oscillator (DCO), which can be adjusted with varying amounts of de-tune, triangle wave, sawtooth, rectangle (square) wave, sub-oscillator 1 & 2 and noise. The single LFO can modulate pitch (for vibrato), pulse width (for the square wave and sub-oscillators) or filter depth (for the classic "wah" effect, among others). The resonant low-pass filter is equipped with frequency and resonance controls, key tracking, velocity control and an ADSR envelope, which can also be applied as an overall envelope for each note. Chorus and distortion provide plenty of punch for the thickest of pads and searing lead lines. If you yearn for even more control and programmability, move up to Modulo.

Two-oscillator subtractive synth


Modulo significantly raises the subtractive synthesis stakes by providing two oscillators plus noise, 58 available digital waveforms for each oscillator (including sine, square, saw, rectangle, etc.), oscillator phase and symmetry modulation, two LFOs, a resonant multimode filter, three envelopes (for the amplifier, filter and general purpose modulation) and a 5x7 modulation matrix, which supplies five sources applied to up to seven possible destinations. With built-in bank and patch management features and dozens of clearly organized presets, Modulo provides you with accessible yet limitless possibilities for analog synth sounds.

A perfect balance

Modulo provides the perfect balance of intuitive yet advanced classic subtractive synth programming combined with a flexible yet straightforward modulation matrix. You get enough control to really go deep, but everything is right there in front of you for easy and immediate results.

For an even more advanced synth…

If you find yourself hungering for even more controls (how about 3 oscillators, 2 multimode filters, 6 LFOs, 4 envelopes, external audio input, 16 modulation sources, unlimited modulation destinations, shapers, built-in effects, a pattern gate, an arpeggiator and much more), then you can always step up to MX4 (included).

Twelve-part programmable drum module


Model 12™ is a twelve-part programmable drum module (sample player). Instant drums. Hundreds of drum samples. Dozens of kits. Load and go. It's as simple as that. Or build your own kits with surprisingly deep programming features, including all of the traditional features you'd expect in a drum module, such as part linking for open and closed hi hats.

Twelve independent parts

Each part has two sends, allowing you to independently apply any effects or other external processing. Apply heavy gated reverb to the snare while adding just a bit of multitap delay to the hand clap. Use the Velocity parameter on a part's tuning knob to map note-on velocity to pitch, allowing you to "bend" up or down into the root pitch of the drum, depending on how hard you strike your drum pad or MIDI controller key. This, and other similar techniques, can be applied to sample start, filter cutoff, and other parameters. Choose either a decay or gated envelope for each part independently. Each part even gets its own multimode filter for a wide range of filter effects, all applied simultaneously. Need more percussion parts? Just add another Model 12.

Two-operator FM synthesizer


Proton is an imaginative and provocative two-operator frequency modulation (FM) synthesizer that delivers classic, bright, shimmering and expressive FM synth sounds that serve as a perfect compliment to the rest of Digital Performer's instrument lineup. From sparkling bells to searing leads to classic Rhodes sounds, Proton delivers an infinite palette of classic FM sounds.

FM synthesis made easy

Proton may be the most easily programmable FM synth ever created. The pioneering Yamaha DX7 delivered a wide range of sounds using only sine waves with six operators. Proton delivers an equally broad palette of sounds with a streamlined 2-op architecture driven by its unique wavetable knob, instead of the added overhead and complexity of additional operators. A real-time display in the center of the window display the spectral content or periodic waveform being generated by the current settings. Additional controls include an FM LFO, modulation pitch envelope, FM amount envelope and overall ADSR envelope.

Mixing and Mastering

Tools to refine your mix

Masterworks Collection

Manually crafted plug-in processing for your audio