Slice Loop Demo

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Many of Ethno Instrument's loops are Slice Loops: click the Map button to instantly assign each rhythmic slice of the loop to consecutive notes on your keyboard, where they can be played individually to "reconstruct" the loop or play it dynamically. This is exactly what Jordan demonstrates at the beginning of this video with a bass tabla loop. First he plays the loop slices individually, making his own improvised variations of the tabla loop. Then he triggers the whole loop with Latch mode enabled so that it plays indefinitely on its own, freeing up his hands to play other instruments over it.

Jordan then repeats this procedure using a thas paso rhythm guitar loop (from the Eastern Europe library): first he plays individual slices, then triggers the whole loop to layer it over the percussion and free his hands for adding additional sounds and instruments.

Jordan then demonstrates sliced loops a third time with a cymbal loop (the "water" preset from the India roots session library), finishing off the performance with vee-hoc sitar, an agogo loop and Indian child vocal phrases. Notice how he brings the loops in and out at the end with the keys at the bottom of the keyboard.

Composed and performed by:
Jordan Rudess

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