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Back by popular demand: MIDI Express XT

The MIDI Express XT is MOTU's intelligent 128-channel USB MIDI interface for Mac and Windows. You get plug-and-play USB connectivity to any computer, sub-millisecond MIDI timing accuracy, 8 separate MIDI inputs, 9 MIDI outputs, sync features, a foot switch input, and tons of MIDI processing, including routing, merging, and muting. Best of all, the Express XT is now shipping (again) at the same great price!

Back by popular demand, the Express XT now ships with support for 23.976 SMPTE time code and completely updated ClockWorks software for Mac OS X and Windows 7/Vista. If you're looking for convenient MIDI connectivity for your entire studio, MIDI programming features for live performance, or rock-solid time code synchronization, look no further than the MIDI Express XT.