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MachFive earns EQ Exceptional Quality award

PCI-424 interfaces—July 2003

EQ magazine is quick to recognize the primary value of an audio interface, and in their opinion, the MOTU PCI-424 system delivers—to put it bluntly—"connectivity options up the yin yang." In fact, EQ goes further to say that from day one, the 2408 interface alone delivers "more bank for the buck than anything else on the market." And the system as a whole? "I'm not shy to admit I'm a fan of MOTU's PCI-424 audio system. I have a bunch of digital signals running around my studio, but I'm also concerned with good analog singal paths, and the bottom line is, MOTU has an audio interface that addresses my needs perfectly." Simply put: "I couldn't be any happier with these boxes. Chances are you'll be just as pleased."

828mkII—October 2003

"More than just solid performance at a nice price, the 828mkII offers near-atomic bang for the buck," exclaims EQ. "This is one powerhouse product, and with a deceivingly low price." Just a few of EQ's further accolades for the 828mkII: "First impressions: this is one solidly built box!"..."The unit worked beautifully with everything I threw at it."..."Ready to go mixerless? the 828mkII is up to the task, thanks to its 20-input/8-bus CueMix DSP mixing and monitoring matrix." Even in today's crowded market of FireWire audio interfaces, EQ states: "As a FireWire computer companion, the mkII is unsurpassed in its price range." The bottome line? "All factors taken into account, the 828mkI offers the most features and versatility of any FireWire rack unit in its price range and beyond."

MachFive—May 2004

"MachFive reads just about anything, works with just about anything, does surround and hi-res audio, has lots of extras, and is priced right. What's not to like?" EQ goes on to say "MachFive looks très cool" and "Given a fast computer, MachFive has a responsive feel." In regards to MachFive's industry-leading import capabilities: "UVI-Xtract is very effective. I used it for successful Akai, Creamware, SoundFont, SoundFont 2, and Giga sample CD conversions on both platforms. Given MachFive's ability to import just about anything, it's highly unlikely to wear out its welcome over time, and is adaptable to changes in musical genre and even platforms."

Special recognition is given to MachFive's expert mode, which "restores much of the sophistication previously lacking from software samplers, and the looping and crossfading options also recall pricier hardware devices." EQ goes on to say that "Expert mode allows crossfading between presets to accomplish [positional crossfades], and much more. Kudos for including this important feature, and expert mode in general — you can make thick, complex, atmospheric patches if you put a little effort into it." The bottom line? "I remember spending thousands of dollars for hardware samplers that couldn't do a fraction of what MachFive does. Times have certainly changed, and in this case, for the better — MachFive is an impressive production tool with a creative slant.