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MOTU Symphonic Instrument Debuts at NAMM 2005

NAMM show attendees thronged the MOTU booth to enjoy live performances by keyboard artist Jordan Rudess and LA-based Brad Vinikow. Both artists brought to life their distinctive style, Jordan with his technical wizardry and Brad with his distinctive "left coast" sound, as each performer stretched out in solo performances playing a brand new virtual instrument unveiled by MOTU in a worldwide debut at NAMM.

So what is this new instrument that left audiences applauding for more? The answer: the MOTU Symphonic Instrument, a cross-platform instrument plug-in that gives you quick and easy access to an enormous 8GB library of quality orchestra sounds for composing, sequencing and rendering realistic orchestral performances. The MOTU Symphonic Instrument can be used with any compatible host application (VST, Audio Units, DXi, MAS and RTAS). Load up to sixteen different instruments per instance of the plug-in to create ensembles of any size and scope.

Built-in convolution reverb allows you to place your ensemble in authentic acoustic spaces, from orchestra sound stages to renowned concert halls to majestic cathedrals. Easy to use controls let you further adjust each instrument to achieve the perfect sound.

Sounds can also be directly loaded into MachFive for more advanced layering and programming.

From solo instruments and small ensembles to full tutti orchestra and choirs, the MOTU Symphonic Instrument’s massive 8 gigabyte (GB) library provides sounds from world class orchestras and musicians, recorded with pristine audio fidelity and careful attention to detail. Quality and variety abound: strings, brass, woodwinds, orchestral percussion, male and female choirs, pipe organs, period instruments and pianos and even timeless classics, including Steinway D and Yamaha C7 pianos.

The MOTU Symphonic Orchestra gives you everything you need to realize complete orchestral recordings.

The MOTU Symphonic Instrument will ship in the early part of 2005 for a list price of $295.