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New DP7 Training Series from TutorialDEPOT

Imagine being able to master Digital Performer 7, anywhere, anytime, right on your iPhone! The all-new HOW TO: PROJECT SERIES from TutorialDEPOT takes you on an educational journey exploring the process of creating a tune from start to finish in Digital Performer 7. And you can watch from your Mac, laptop or mobile phone anywhere you wish, at any time.

The HOW TO videos in this series are longer than TutorialDEPOT's previous HOW TOs, and highlight more detailed production techniques in addition to DP7 operation specifics. Digital Performer project files are included, allowing you to work along with the videos.

A DP7 project from start to finish

HOW TO: Digital Performer 7 - PROJECT-01 takes you through the process of creating an instrumental tune using a combination of samples, virtual instruments, and live recordings using Digital Performer 7.

Along this educational journey, you review key Digital Performer 7 operational techniques and gain insights into the best way to get the job done. You also take a close look at DP7’s new Channel Strip, Inline Dynamics/EQ section, and Info bar enhancements. While there are certainly many approaches for creating a tune, PROJECT-01 serves as an insightful, straight-forward take on the process.

More to come

Keep an eye out for additional music genres, techniques, and procedures for creating great DP7 projects in future HOW TO: PROJECT releases.

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