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Training DVD for Digital Performer 4.6

MacAudioLab has released a new instructional DVD for Digital Performer 4.6 packed with 12 hours of how-to training that you can watch at your own pace, at any time, right from your computer desktop. There's never been an easier way to learn how to unleash the power of Digital Performer.

The Ultimate DP Learning Series instructional DVD contains 12 hours of QuickTime training movies accessed from an easy-to-navigate user interface with clearly labeled chapters, large videos screenshots for easy viewing, high-quality audio narration, an index in PDF file format and PDF keyboard shortcuts.

Whether you’re a beginner setting up a Digital Performer studio for the first time or a seasoned engineer looking for new ways to improve your workflow, the Ultimate DP Learning Series is for you. This training DVD is authored in an interactive QuickTime environment and can be played on any computer running QuickTime 6 or higher. The training movies play natively in Mac OS X and Windows, so you can easily view them on your Mac or PC laptop - even when you are on the go. The DVD also includes bonus chapters on MachFive, MX4, CueMix, BIAS Peak, and TC PowerCore.

Bonus training

  • MachFive
  • MX4
  • CueMix Console
  • BIAS Peak
  • TC PowerCore

Topic highlights

  • Configuring your audio system
  • MOTU 828 MKII Setup
  • Audio Bundles routing
  • Window Sets
  • Unique shortcuts
  • External Editors
  • Professional Project Management
  • Consolidated Window
  • Pitch Automation
  • Control Panel
  • Tracks Window
  • Recording Audio/MIDI
  • Sequence Editor
  • Mixing & Automation
  • Beat Detection Engine
  • Soundbites
  • Audio File concepts
  • Creating/Customizing Projects
  • Integrating Reason
  • Arranging
  • Processing
  • Working with DV/QuickTime
  • In-depth Editing techniques
  • and much more...

"The Ultimate DP Learning Series" is an interactive QuickTime instructional video on one DVD and is available directly from the macaudiolab website for $79.95.