Search Revisited

  • Search and select specific events in your timeline
  • Find material based on musical criteria, such as beat placement
  • Edit, cut, copy, paste, and delete the results
  • Save Searches with commands for later use

Control surfaces

  • Review recent control surface enhancements
  • Enhanced Avid™ EuCon™ Support
  • Enhanced Support for MCU and HUI-compatible Control Surfaces
  • Using iCON™ work surfaces
  • Reivew other supported control surfaces, including OSC apps

What's New in Version 11.2

  • Apply ARA 2 plug-in processing in line to your tracks.
  • Learn how to use the included Melodyne Essential™ plug-in.
  • Convert audio to MIDI quickly.
  • Review additional enhancements in version 11.2.

DP11 Visual Enhancements

  • Use List Font Scaling to improve the visibility of lists.
  • Explore Chunk Folders and Playlists.
  • Manage Chunks more efficiently with Split List View.
  • Control what you see with the enhanced View Filter and Event Type Selector.
  • Dynamically resize Channel Strips or set your fader height preference.

DP11 The One Finger Orchestra

  • Map and trigger multiple VIs at the same time
  • Use Multi-record and device groups to layer sounds
  • Use MIDI and Audio FX to create perpetual motion

Shortcuts to speed up your workflow

  • Work faster with Temporary Groups.
  • Learn the new Memory cycle and Auto Record Strips.
  • Master the selection and memory transport controls.

Tools for the Pros

  • What are all those tools are in the Tool palette? Learn the Edit Tools for MIDI and audio tracks.

Capturing and comping your best takes

  • Use loop record to seamlessly lay down multiple takes.
  • Build the perfect performance from multiple takes.
  • Learn how to use DP's powerful Comp Tool.

Pristine audio time-stretching

  • Gain insight into to DP10's unique ZTX-driven audio time-stretching features.
  • Make the most out of DP's Beat Detection Engine 2.0.
  • Conform audio to your project timeline.
  • Quantize and groove-quantize audio.

Introduction to the Clips window

  • Gain insight into the new Clips window.
  • Incorporate Clips into your current workflows.
  • Trigger clips on the fly and record your performance.
  • Convert linear projects into clip-based projects.