DP Training Webinars

Become an expert DP user with these interactive training sessions. We'll start each session with a lesson on a particular feature or workflow, followed by interactive Q&A with MOTU product specialists. Check out the schedule below and follow the instructions to get connected.

Meeting Times

12:30 PM EDT / 9:30 AM PDT

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Live Webinar Schedule — July 2024

Friday, July 12th

Special guest: Miguel Reséndiz from Dreamtonics

  • Gain insights from a Dreamtonics product specialist.
  • Explore how Synthesizer V Studio integrates with ARA support in DP11.
  • See how this stunning AI-based technology can create and enhance vocal parts.

Friday, July 19th

Building a commercial mix

  • Add movies and import production tracks into DP.
  • Process audio using busses, VCAs, and Aux tracks.
  • Mix, write automation, and bounce stems for delivery.
  • Other related tips and extended Q&A.

Friday, July 26th

Special guest composer Ryan Lott

  • Gain insights from an award-winning film composer, singer, and musician.
  • Learn about his scoring approach on “Everything Everywhere All at Once”.
  • See how he uses DP for film scoring and song productions.
  • Discuss his workflows for studio and on the scoring stage.