DP Training Webinars

Become an expert DP user with these interactive training sessions. We'll start each session with a lesson on a particular feature or workflow, followed by interactive Q&A with MOTU product specialists. Check out the schedule below and follow the instructions to get connected.

Meeting Times

12:30 PM EDT / 9:30 AM PDT

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January 2023

Friday, January 6th

Creating a tempo map with Adjust Beats

  • Import tracks from an analog tape transfer.
  • Analyze audio beats as tempo guide lines.
  • Use Adjust Beats to create a tight tempo map.
  • Extended Q&A.

Friday, January 13th

Special guest Terry Lawless

  • Gain insights from a seasoned DP user, musician, and engineer.
  • See how he programs DP for sessions and playback.
  • Discuss his workflows in the studio and on major tours.

Friday, January 20th

Template tips part 1

  • Host VIs in DP or Vienna Ensemble Pro.
  • Create custom bundles and Window Sets.
  • Use Clippings to store track layouts and FX.
  • Extended Q&A.

Friday, January 27th

Template tips, part 2

  • Use Track Layouts and View options to organize tracks.
  • Tag tracks for searches in various windows.
  • View track combinations for editing and stem bouncing.
  • Extended Q&A.

Past Webinars

Shortcuts to speed up your workflow

  • Work faster with Temporary Groups.
  • Learn the new Memory cycle and Auto Record Strips.
  • Master the selection and memory transport controls.

Tools for the Pros

  • What are all those tools are in the Tool palette? Learn the Edit Tools for MIDI and audio tracks.

Capturing and comping your best takes

  • Use loop record to seamlessly lay down multiple takes.
  • Build the perfect performance from multiple takes.
  • Learn how to use DP's powerful Comp Tool.

Pristine audio time-stretching

  • Gain insight into to DP10's unique ZTX-driven audio time-stretching features.
  • Make the most out of DP's Beat Detection Engine 2.0.
  • Conform audio to your project timeline.
  • Quantize and groove-quantize audio.

Introduction to the Clips window

  • Gain insight into the new Clips window.
  • Incorporate Clips into your current workflows.
  • Trigger clips on the fly and record your performance.
  • Convert linear projects into clip-based projects.