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BPM — Advanced urban rhythm instrument

MusicTech Excellence

"BPM is a remarkable instrument, providing almost everything you could ever want in a beat-production machine."
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Future Music Platinum Award

"It sounds, looks and feels great and is one of the best urban music production tools currently available."
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BPM Downloads

BPM 1.5.3 update: download now

BPM 1.5.3 is a free update for BPM 1.5 users.

BPM soundbank files

Entire soundbank library will require 16 GB of free hard drive space.

These two BPM soundbank files are exactly the same as the files on the BPM soundbank DVDs included in the box with your BPM package. They are offered here as downloads, for your convenience, if your original DVDs are not available and you need a fresh copy of the files. If you've already installed these files on your computer, and BPM is working fine, you don't need to download these files.


7.9 GB


6.9 GB

Beat Box Anthology.ufs

3.9 GB

How to download and install these updated UFS soundbank files

You can use any standard web browser to download them, but plan accordingly because they are quite large: between 1GB and 8GB.