Global Human World

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Ethno Instrument can add tremendous depth and flavor to your recordings with brief applications of its instrumentation - a touch here, a sprinkle there - especially when combined with other sound sources. This music was composed and performed using other instruments besides Ethno, including piano and strings from the MOTU Symphonic Instrument, percussion loops from Spectrasonics Stylus RMX, and live Fender jazz bass, all played by Patrick. Judicious use of Ethno's sounds creates a cross-cultural aural experience. Ethno Instrument loops and phrases used here include percussion, vocals, bodhran, violin, flute, accordions and sitar.

Can you identify them in the mix?

Patrick also played a number of Ethno instrument presets, including gamelan, synth pad, valiha, cymbalum and sitar. Try listening for them, too.

This piece effectively demonstrates how well these diverse instruments and musical influences can be blended into a cohesive musical statement with a unique pan-cultural sound.

Are you ready to give a try at creating your own unique world sound?

Composed and performed by:
Patrick Chartol

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