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MachFive 3.2 Update

MachFive 3.2 update: download now

MachFive 3.2 is a free update for MachFive 3 users.

Soundbank library updates

Entire soundbank library will require 44 GB of free hard drive space.

Universal Loops & Instruments

5.1 GB

MachFive 3 Biosphere™

2.1 GB

F Grand 278

3.2 GB


825 MB


1.7 GB


676 MB


1.6 GB


1.5 GB

The Upright

1.1 GB

Xtreme FX 1

4.4 GB

Xtreme FX 2

4.4 GB

How to download and install these updated UFS soundbank files

MachFive 3’s included soundbank libaries have been updated to provide better scripting and smaller, more efficient file sizes. They are backward compatible with your existing projects. In addition, these updated UFS files are now available for download using the links above. You can use any standard web browser to download them, but plan accordingly because they are quite large: between 1GB and 5GB. For faster downloading, each UFS file has been individually compressed using the standard .rar (RAR) compression format. There are many free, downloadable utilities that can be used to extract them. We recommend:

Windows 8/7


Mac OS X

The Unarchiver

If you see an error message when extracting, such as "CRC failed" or anything other than a message confirming successful extraction, then you must try downloading the RAR archive again.

Once you've successfully extracted the UFS file from the RAR archive:

  1. Replace your current UFS file (in its current location) with this new one.
  2. To further verify that the UFS file downloaded and extracted properly, you can right-click the UFS in MachFive 3's browser and choose "Verify soundbank integrity" to confirm that the .rar download and UFS extraction worked properly.

When using the "Verify soundbank integrity" feature, the UFS soundbank must be mounted in MachFive 3's browser. To mount the UFS file, double-click it (so that it appears in the "Soundbanks" list with the Eject icon to its right). Verification may take a few moments, depending on the UFS file size.

Here are a few tips for successfully downloading large RAR archives:

  1. Download them one at a time.
  2. Try a different web browser.
  3. Try utilities that facilitate downloading, such as Download Them All for Firefox.