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MIDI Machine Control (MMC)

MIDI Machine Control allows you to centralize control of your studio from a MIDI source (often a sequencer). There are two components which interact with each other when MMC is involved, the Transport Master, and the Synchronization Master. The Transport Master is the device which sends the MMC message such as Play, Stop, and Locate. The Synchronization Master is the device which responds to the MMC message and generates and then distributes timecode.

For example: Digital Performer can act as the Transport Master and send an MMC play message to a MIDI Timepiece AV. The AV, acting as the Synchronization Master, will respond to this message by generating timecode and then distribute it to an ADAT via an ADAT sync cable, a hard disk recorder via MIDI cables, and the computer itself via serial or parallel cables.

MIDI Timepiece AV