Inspired by legendary design

A custom synthesizer-style panel lets you edit each preset quickly and easily with familiar subtractive synthesis controls like those that Bob Moog made an industry standard.

Contributing artists and sound designers

A star-studded cast lends their personal touch

The Encore Soundbank contains over 2,000 pristinely recorded 24-bit original samples (over 2 GB) from a who’s who list of synthesizer industry luminaries. Each artist thoughtfully constructed material inspired by the memory of Bob Moog and his contribution to modern music as we know it. This A-list group includes rock legends, synthesis icons, seasoned synth designers, epic DJ/remixers, music industry luminaries, top producers, pop artists and legendary sound designers. And now their shared inspiration can be at your fingertips.

Vince Clarke

Al Kooper

Jordan Rudess

Suzanne Ciani

Larry Fast

Edgar Froese
(Tangerine Dream)

Thorsten Quaeschning
(Tangerine Dream)

Goldfrapp (Will Gregory)

Kevin Antunes

Adam Holzman

Erik Norlander

Peter Gorges

Amin Bhatia

CJ Vanston

Drew Neumann

Kevin Lamb

Jack Hotop

Jerry Kovarsky

Kent Spong

Klaus Peter Rausch

Taiho Yamada

Michael Koehler

Chris Cox

"Magic" Dave Roberts

Marty Cutler

Dean Honer
(I Monster)

Jarrod Gosling
(I Monster)

Marc Doty

Advanced virtual instrument technology

Advanced features include MIDI control of nearly all parameters, 256-note polyphony per instrument, ultra-low latency, efficient disk streaming for fast preset loading, all driven by the world-renowned UVI Engine XT™, known for its superb sound quality, universal plug-in compatibility and stand-alone operation.

Universal compatibility:
as a plug-in or stand-alone

The Bob Moog Foundation Encore Soundbank is a UVI-based library that runs in the free UVI Workstation instrument software, which is compatible with all major plug-in formats on Mac and Windows, so you can easily run it your favorite host software. UVI Workstation also runs as a stand-alone application, turning any laptop or desktop computer into the ultimate electric keyboard instrument.

The Encore Soundbank is also fully compatible with MachFive 3, allowing you to load sounds side by side with all of your other MachFive 3 libraries.

Studio-quality FX

The Encore Soundbank takes full advantage of the massive effects processing power of MachFive 3 and the UVI engine XT. The presets make extensive use of mastering-quality EQ, keyboard-oriented modulation FX, vintag and modern delays, filters, compressors and limiters, stereo imaging, overdrive, distortion and, of course, stellar reverb effects, including the acclaimed UVI SparkVerb.

Over 200 presets

Over 200 presets are organized into ten categories ranging from basses to leads to FX, so you can quickly zero in on the sound you are looking for.

Basses (50) +-

  • 1-Osc Funk Bass
  • 2-Octave Bass Velo Bend
  • 2-Octave Bass
  • After Hours Bass
  • Aggro Plump
  • Alexi Bass
  • Bass on Bass
  • Big and Hollow
  • Chomp Bass
  • Citrus Seq Bass
  • Dangerous Bass
  • East End Bass
  • Edgy Vibe Bass
  • Enamel Rippin' Bass
  • Fat Synthi Bass
  • FM Attack Bass
  • FM Notch Bass
  • Fretless Drive
  • Hard Knock Bass
  • Hard Londoner
  • Haus and Home
  • London Bass
  • Low Thumper Bass
  • Minit Sync Bass
  • Modular 5th Chunky
  • Monster Bass 1
  • Monster Bass 2
  • Monster Bass 3
  • Monster Bass 4
  • Petrograd Acid Bass
  • Pick Wah Bass 1
  • Pick Wah Bass 2
  • Pick Wah Bass 3
  • Pick Wah Bass 4
  • Pipe Bass
  • Quippy Bass
  • Russian EDM Bass
  • Sawd Bass
  • sKetchy Drone
  • Snap Bass
  • Soviet Bass 1
  • Soviet Bass 2
  • Squared Bass
  • Subterranean Lair
  • Synthi Fuzz Bass
  • Tearing Titanium
  • Vacuum Bass
  • Whoop Bass
  • Woozy Bass
  • Workers Unison Bass

Brass (9) +-

  • Brassy Attack
  • Classic Poly Brass 1
  • Classic Poly Brass 2
  • Classic Poly Brass 5th
  • Mini Tuba
  • Soft Analog Trumpet
  • Sousa's Mini
  • Tyrell French Horn
  • Vintage Analog Trumpet

Comps (20) +-

  • Analog Metal
  • Analog Steel Drum
  • Bamboo Pluck
  • Comp the Chords
  • Fast Pluck
  • Fat Attack
  • Filtered Metal Perc
  • Hold and Burble
  • Hollow Cans
  • Metal Cans
  • Minit Sync Guitar
  • Plasti-comp
  • Pluck and Pad
  • Quickly Comp
  • Sawd Pluck
  • Slapback Groover
  • Slapophone
  • Stereo Fatness
  • Striketone
  • The Godfathers

Drums (17) +-

  • Analog Claps
  • Analog Cymbals
  • Analog Drum Kit
  • Analog Frame Drum
  • Analog Guiro
  • Analog Hats Beat
  • Analog Kick
  • Analog Snares
  • Analog Toms
  • Bobs Drums MultiOut
  • Bobs Drums Stereo
  • Electro Drum Kit
  • Metal Hits
  • Metal Noise
  • Pitched Drum
  • Raw Pink Noise Hit
  • Rez Noise Hit

FX (27) +-

  • Alien Transit
  • Astronaut Radio
  • Atmospherio
  • Cable Terror
  • Concrete Bubbles
  • Deep Breath Clusters
  • Deep Breath
  • Factory Menace
  • Foreboding Metals
  • FX Box Construction Kit 1
  • FX Box Construction Kit 2
  • Industry
  • Madness in the Clouds
  • Maelstrom Angels
  • Metallic Whoosh
  • Modular Chaos
  • Monster FX Construction Kit
  • Phaser Beam
  • Resonant Terror
  • Squadron
  • Tap the Pots and Pans
  • Telephones
  • Theremin Construction Kit 1
  • Theremin Construction Kit 2
  • Theremin Construction Kit 3
  • Weird Gallop
  • Wrong Turn at Oz

Grooves (12) +-

  • Bumpin Fifths
  • Darkly S&H Groove 125bpm
  • Mini S&H Atmosphere 120bpm
  • Mini S&H Groove 120bpm BPF
  • Mini S&H Groove 120bpm
  • Mini S&H Groove 125bpm
  • Modular Rhythm Dist HP LFO
  • Modular Rhythm Fast AP LFO
  • Modular Rhythm Notch LFO
  • Modular Rhythm
  • Rounded Square Groover
  • Sweeping Atmos Groove 125bpm

Leads (31) +-

  • 4th Below
  • Aggro Lead
  • AT Feedback Synth
  • Blooming Root
  • Distorted Fusion Lead
  • Dont Go Lead
  • Feed the Lead
  • Fusion Lead 1
  • Fusion Lead 2
  • Fusion Lead 3
  • Fusion Lead 4
  • Growl Square
  • Holy Mode Al
  • Lazer Strings
  • Lead Pad Tape Delay
  • Mad Tube
  • Mini Lead Bee
  • Modular 5th BPF
  • Modular Blues Harp
  • Nasty Monster Lead
  • Play the Tube
  • Siberian Lead
  • Sinister Lead
  • Sweet Lead
  • Tatiana Lead
  • The Battle Lead
  • Timbre Two-Step
  • Trashy Wobble Filter
  • Walnut Phase
  • Warm Bop
  • Warm Breeze

Pads (38) +-

  • A Mind Of Its Own
  • Analog Choir
  • Bandpass Pad wMW Action
  • Big Red Sweep
  • Biosphere Pad
  • Block Tail
  • Chopper Blades
  • Citrus Pad
  • Clouds and Fog
  • Dangerous Pad
  • Deeply Lush
  • Downward Combover
  • Easy Sweep
  • Gothic Organ
  • Heavy Ocean Sweep
  • Highpass to Earth
  • Hole in the Mist
  • Icycle Sweep
  • Into the Maelstrom
  • Liberator Pad
  • Luscious Tentacles
  • Mellow Bells
  • Monster Growl Sweep
  • Muted Gothic Organ
  • Nasty Monster Hit
  • Polar Watch
  • Red October Sweep
  • Resonant Bells
  • Rolling Highpass
  • S+H Pad
  • Spectral Hurdy Gurdy
  • Stutter Wah
  • Sweeping Bliss
  • The Blue Wave
  • The Prince of Backwards
  • Velo Fat Pad
  • Whipper
  • Wobble Filter

Pianos (13) +-

  • Analog Piano
  • Club Piano and Strings
  • Club Piano Hard
  • Club Piano Soft
  • Club Piano
  • Destructo Piano
  • Electric Reeds
  • Illusions Piano
  • Lo-Fi Sci-Fi
  • Mutant Bug Piano
  • Odd Clavier
  • Slow Piano
  • Solar Larvae Piano

Strings (19) +-

  • Distant Quartet
  • Double Mando KS Trem
  • Double Mando Velo Trem
  • Dual Mando KS Trem
  • Dual Mando Velo Trem
  • Mini String Ensemble HPF
  • Mini String Ensemble Mood
  • Mini String Ensemble
  • Mini String Filter Marcato
  • Mini Strings Chorus
  • Mini Strings Deep
  • Mini Strings Wowp
  • Nadroj Strings BPF Sweep
  • Nadroj Strings Crunchy
  • Nadroj Strings Grainy
  • Nadroj Strings Moody
  • Nadroj Strings Wah
  • Nadroj Strings
  • Transistor Radio Strings

Artist demo: Suzanne Ciani

Suzanne Ciani

Suzanne Ciani is a composer, recording artist, and pioneer in the field of electronic music and sound design. She is best loved for her fifteen albums of original music which feature her performances in a broad array of expressions: pure electronic, solo piano, piano with orchestra, and piano with jazz ensemble. Her music, renowned for its romantic, healing, and aesthetic qualities, has found a rapidly growing international audience, and her performances include numerous benefits for humanitarian causes. Suzanne has been nominated for five Grammy Awards.

Artist demo: Larry Fast

Larry Fast

Larry Fast is best known for his series of pioneering electronic music albums recorded under the project name SYNERGY. He is also known for his work with Peter Gabriel; playing synthesizer on records and on tour, and rounding out the production team on many of Peter's albums for nearly a decade. Starting with the first SYNERGY album, "Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra" recorded in 1975, and through the most recent SYNERGY release in 2002, Larry's ten albums of electronic music have been on the cutting edge of studio production techniques and the development of new music technologies.

Artist demo: Amin Bhatia

Larry Fast

Amin Bhatia is a recording artist, film, and television music score composer and producer. In 1981 his compositions won the Roland Corporation International Synthesizer competition for two consecutive years. The judges included Oscar Peterson, Robert Moog, Ralph Dyck, and Isao Tomita. The exposure led to projects with David Foster, Steve Porcaro, and a solo album on the Capitol Records Cinema label called The Interstellar Suite, which launched his career in music for film and television.

Instruments used to create the soundbank

Over 20 instruments were used to create the samples in the Bob Moog Foundation Encore Soundbank including:

  • EMS® Synthi A and VCS3
  • Buchla® modular
  • Yamaha® CS-80
  • Alesis® Andromeda
  • Sequential Circuits® Prophet
  • Hammond® B3 organ
  • Korg® MS-20
  • Polivoks
  • Minimoog®
  • Moog® modular
  • Moog Apollo
  • Moog Liberation
  • Moog Prodigy
  • Ondioline
  • Theremin
  • Upright and grand piano
  • Mandolin
  • Acoustic Drum Kit
  • Various effects pedals

Bob Moog Foundation Encore Soundbank Feature highlights

  • All proceeds benefit the Bob Moog Foundation and Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool.
  • Custom 2.4GB sound library for MachFive3 with over 2,000 24-bit samples.
  • 236 presets in 10 intuitive categories custom-voiced for MachFive 3 and UVI Workstation for maximum playability and musicality in the spirit of Bob Moog’s vision for a connection between instrument and artist.
  • Album-ready sounds created by 29 leading artists and sound designers specifically for this library.
  • Original multi-samples carefully crafted and customized on the source instruments.
  • Dedicated graphical editing panel with familiar, classic controls including filter cutoff, resonance ADSR and AHDSR envelopes.
  • Powerful Multi FX including EQ, modulation, imaging, dynamics, delays and reverbs.
  • Superb sound quality driven by the 32-bit UVI Engine XT™.
  • Disk streaming for fast preset loading.
  • Extensive, adjustable polyphony & ultra-low software latency.
  • Universal compatibility with all major plug-in formats on Mac and Windows.
  • Stand-alone operation in UVI Workstation on Mac or Windows.


MOTU and the Bob Moog Foundation would like to extend special thanks and recognition to Erik Norlander, Arnaud Sicard, Ben Scibelli, Chris Talbot, Robin Buyer, Campbell Payne and the team at uvi.net for their invaluable assistance in producing this project, as well as to producer Nate Donmoyer who created the audio samples for the product.

The Bob Moog Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to ignite creativity through the intersection of science, music and innovation. The Foundation’s hallmark educational project, Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, is an innovative ten-week STEM-based curriculum that teaches children the science of sound through music and technology. The Foundation also works to preserve and share the vast materials in the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, including schematics, photos, recordings, prototype hardware, and more.

The Bob Moog Foundation is not affiliated with Moog Music, Inc.