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I call up a preset in MachFive and it says it can not load samples.

In MachFive 1.x, MachFive needs to see a certain file hierarchy to be able to use a preset and it's samples. Check your MachFive Sounds Folder and make sure it has this file structure:

  • Soundbank.M5b > Backup, Performances, Presets, Samples
  • Presets > preset.M5p
  • Samples > sample.aiff OR sample.wav

Your soundbanks should end in .M5b and presets in .M5p. It is important not to have extraneous characters other than alphanumberics, as UNIX reads slashes and periods as a directory or file type. For example, if your hard drive was named "Audio/Video Files", MachFive would signal an error because of the "/". Also, the hard drive where your MachFive Sounds Folder is located cannot be longer than 27 characters.

It could also be that you do not have enough RAM to load the desired preset. Remember, your operating system and host application, along with MachFive, requires memory resources so installing as much RAM as possible will help in your overall performance.

Additionally, some sampler formats for hardware samplers (such as Kurzweil discs) require that every key has a sample mapped to it, so keys that do not have samples are assigned a very short, empty sound file. This file is stored in the hardware sampler's ROM. When these formats are converted with UVI-Xtract and opened in MachFive, you'll receive the "Could not load samples" error with a list of files named InRom.aif / InRom.wav. This error is correct, because those files were not on the disc that was converted in UVI-X. However, you can get keep this error message from coming up again by removing the references to those missing files:

  • Go to MachFive's List/Group Editor.
  • Select any file named "InRom" (shift-click to select multiple files).
  • Click on the trash can to the right of the keyboard.
  • Save the preset.

In MachFive 2.0 and later, files can be placed anywhere on any accessible volume – internal or external hard drives, CDs, DVDs, disk images, servers, and so on. If any samples are missing, you will be prompted when opening the preset; choose Find All Missing Samples to navigate to the necessary location to point MachFIve to the missing samples. You can also use the "Find Missing Samples" command under the List Editor contextual menu to open the same dialog.