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Yamaha TDIF Card and 2408

Early in the release of the 2408 MOTU had released a version 1.2 ROM for the 2408. Current shipping units, including the 2408Mk2, contain this ROM and therefore an update is not necessary.

The 1.2 ROM corrected TDIF “jet noise” that you might encounter when initially syncing a DA-88 using sample accurate sync with the Digital Timepiece and Control Track. This noise does not occur when doing similar sample accurate sync with a DA-38, nor does it occur in any other sync scenario.

This ROM also improved TDIF transfers when using a Yamaha TDIF card in one of their digital mixers (01V, 03D or 02R). In addition to the 2408 1.2 ROM, you must have Yamaha’s version 2.0 TDIF card which is identified by “CD8-TDII” indicator on the outside of the card. Contact Yamaha’s service department at (714) 522-9000 if you do not have this card. Set DIP switch #8 on the card to “DA-88 EXT.” Yamaha digital mixers with the ADAT optical card will not encounter problems.

To find out which ROM version you have, go to the PCI-324 Console or the Configure Hardware Driver. Choose Interface Options. You will see some letters at the bottom of the window that read Vers 2 ( A) ...(B)...(C). The numbers to the right of (B) are for the ROM version. You must have the latest version of the Consoles to view these numbers. The PCI-324 card must also be communicating with the 2408 Rack.

If you have an earlier unit and you do not have the 1.2 ROM you can request the an update by contacting Tech Support; be sure to include your registered name, shipping address and 2408 serial number (found on the bottom of the rack unit).

Important Tips:

  • When using a TDIF card on a Digital Mixer as well as a DA-88 or DA-38, it is best to have the Digital Mixer connected to Banks B or C, while the DA-88 or DA-38 is connected to Banks A or B.
  • The Tascam led on the 2408 will always blink when connecting to a TDIF card on a Digital Mixer, even when both devices are properly word clocked.
  • If you are connected to a stand alone TDIF device such as the DA-88 or DA-38 and this led is blinking, it is an indication that the connected TDIF device is not fully word clocked