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MachFive 3, MicroBook II, and internet sensation Lindsey Stirling

Violinist, dancer, performance artist, and composer Lindsey Stirling is certainly a social media sensation if there ever was one. After catching the nation's attention with her electrifying dub-step violin dance performances on NBC's hit show America's Got Talent in 2010, Lindsey turned to Youtube, Facebook and Twitter to build an audience of millions of fans worldwide, with well over half a billion views on youtube and counting. Lindsey is now preparing for her 2nd full-length album release and 2014 world tour. Through it all, Lindsey's keyboard player, Jason "Gavi" Gaviati has relied on MachFive 3 and the MicroBook II for Lindsey's dynamic stage performances and songwriting process on the tour bus.

MicroBook II: Lindsey's on-the-go songwriting interface

Gavi connected with Lindsey early on to play keyboards for her first world tour, which ran from September, 2012 through mid-2013. For the European leg, Gavi needed a mobile rig to help Lindsey record demos for her next album. Gavi told us he was looking for "a portable audio interface that would sound great and be easy to travel with." They would be recording Lindsey's violin parts in hotel rooms and on the bus, so portability, combined with excellent sound quality, was crucial. Enter the MicroBook II! Gavi successfully tracked Lindsey on the road with the MicroBook II, allowing her to stay on schedule for the preparation of her new album.

Watch the Lindsey Stirling MicroBook II movie…

Jason 'Gavi' Gaviati on the MicroBook II

Using MachFive 3 for both stage performances and songwriting

MachFive 3 became an essential virtual instrument and sound design tool for Gavi, both for his keyboard performances during Lindsey's live show, but also for writing and arranging on the tour bus and in the hotel room. We received emails from Gavi on the road, "…to tell ya how much I love all my MOTU stuff. I can't get over how great all the MachFive 3 sounds are! Using them all over the place." Watch the movie for a glimpse at how Gavi uses MachFive 3 to help drive the Lindsey Stirling sensation.

Watch the Lindsey Stirling MachFive 3 movie…

Jason 'Gavi' Gaviati on MachFive 3