Ethno Instrument 2

Before purchase, please review this tech note for information regarding incompatibility with recent macOS releases.

Universal world/ethnic instrument

Ethno 2 delivers the most comprehensive world/ethnic sound library ever offered in a single package, combined with the most advanced virtual instrument interface for ethnic sounds, with significant new features such as preset searching, microtonal scales, state-of-the-art time stretching, and much more.

Are you eligible?

You are eligible for an Ethno Instrument 2 upgrade if you own a copy of Ethno Instrument 1. To purchase a full license, please visit an authorized MOTU reseller.

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An expanded sound library more than twice its original size

Ethno 2 more than doubles the size of Ethno’s included sound library of instruments, loops and phrases to an astonishing 21 GB. New sounds abound in Version 2 from Asia, Africa, Europe, the Balkans, the British Isles, Latin America, Australia, and many other locations around the globe. Featured sounds include taiko drums, large African drums, thirty new instruments from India, hundreds of urban India loops (in the style of Slumdog Millionaire), Balkanish voices, Arabic voices, Persian voices, an extensive new collection of gongs and bells, extended cymbalum, and much more.


Other version 2 highlights include:

Preset searching — Instantly find presets by typing in a name or any keyword text. View results directly in the browser.

Microtonal tuning and scales — Apply microtonal tuning and scales from around the globe to any Ethno 2 instrument sound. Download and import free Scala-format microtuning files from the internet, or create your own microtuning scales.

Enhanced time-stretching — Speed up, slow down, or tempo-match any loop or phrase using state-of-the-art audio time-stretching capabilities licensed from the famed IRCAM Audio Institute in Paris, France.

Unlimited parts — Quickly build ensembles of instrument sounds, loops and phrases, with no limits on the number of parts.

Keyswitch presets — Dozens of new, richly layered keyswitch (KS) presets in all categories for ultra-expressive performance.

Latest-generation UVI Engine — The UVI Engine XT provides state-of-the-art virtual instrument performance, robust compatibility with the latest DAW hosts and Mac/Windows operating systems, and 64-bit Windows 7 support.

Enhanced effects processing — Ethno 2 includes new analog-modeled EQ, CPU-optimized convolution reverb and eight new analog modeled filters (rez, comb, analog and more)

Version 1 compatibility — Ethno 2's new sound library is compatible with Version 1, so music programmed with Version 1 presets can be loaded and played with Version 2.

Please also see the full system requirements for Ethno 2.