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MOTU Audio Console Error Message Appears after Installing Driver v3.6.8.1416 10.21.2009
Using a MOTU Audio Interface as a Standalone A/D or D/A Converter 10.15.2009
Using a MOTU Audio Interface as a D/A Converter to Expand Control Voltage Outputs for Volta 10.15.2009
My sequence plays in DP3, but on the same machine it will not play in DP4 05.11.2009
Can I send DTS or AC-3 surround though the optical I/O on my MOTU interface? 05.11.2009
My software does not show the names of my audio inputs and outputs, only numbers 05.11.2009
TOSLink optical S/PDIF 05.11.2009
Word Clock 05.11.2009
Using Talkback / Listenback with MOTU FireWire devices 05.11.2009
How can I expand the number of analog inputs on my MOTU interface? 05.11.2009
Why can't I choose an output from my PCI or FireWire audio interface in Sonar? 05.11.2009
What is CueMix? 05.11.2009
Can I hot-plug my MOTU interface? 05.11.2009
What kind of PC should I build/buy for use with a MOTU FireWire interface? 05.11.2009
FireWire Hubs with MOTU Firewire Interfaces 05.11.2009
Why do I not have access to the Windows volume control when I use my MOTU Audio Interface? 05.11.2009
Can I daisy chain a FireWire hard drive to my MOTU FireWire Audio interface? 05.11.2009
What is the latency of my MOTU audio interface? 05.11.2009
Should I continue installing the drivers for my MOTU interfaces, even though the Microsoft Logo Warning suggests I should not? 05.11.2009
File sizes in different audio formats 05.11.2009