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ANAHEIM, CA - NAMM CONVENTION, January 17, 2002 - Mezzo Technologies, a world leader in audio and video asset management, demonstrated their newest release, Mezzo Generation 4, which provides one-step backup and data management for users of MOTU's Digital Performer. Offering a unique combination of project-based archiving & retrieval, advanced search capabilities, and features such as background operation that enhance project workflow, Mezzo 4 is an ambitious update to the digital media industry's premiere solution for data management.

"Mezzo 4 was over two years in the making," says Jack Kellogg, Vice-President of Mezzo Technologies. "The goal was to create a tool for managing workflow in today's complex digital audio studio, but still keep it simple and easy-to-use. Mezzo has always been known for its intuitive drag & drop approach to backing up and restoring Digital Performer projects - this new generation not only improves upon an already great product, it redefines "data management" in the studio. From its powerful database engine to a new, streamlined user-interface, Mezzo 4 is truly an essential tool for all composers and editors who use Digital Performer."

Mezzo 4 offers custom support for the Digital Performer file format, which allows users to backup and restore only the files that are necessary on a project-by-project basis. Other features include full background operation and support for transfers to and from hard drive servers in a networked facility. Additionally, sophisticated asset management features have been incorporated to enhance workflow in a collaborative environment.

"In a digital audio environment, data backup is an essential part of the production process. By integrating project- based archiving with asset management, Mezzo 4 eliminates the hassles associated with backing up," continues Kellogg. "In one simple step, users can backup complex Digital Performer sessions - even if files are spread across multiple hard drives - and then restore them just as easily anywhere down the road. Plus, Mezzo 4's transparent background operation allows Digital Performer users to keep working while transferring data - one of the many ways that Mezzo saves time in the studio."

Mezzo is available in a variety of configurations, offering custom support for MOTU's Digital Performer™, Digidesign Pro Tools, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Media 100 and other digital media editing systems. See the Mezzo Technologies website for details.

Mezzo Technologies is a division of Grey Matter Response, Inc. Founded in 1986, GMR introduced the first generation of Mezzo in 1992; today, Mezzo is used by professional video and audio editors worldwide in the production of films, records, radio/TV commercials, and broadcast content.

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