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ANAHEIM, CA - NAMM CONVENTION, January 17, 2002 - Spectrasonics, a world leader in soundware, has unveiled a new line of virtual instrument plug-ins for Digital Performer. These products represent a brand new type of software plug-in instrument for the MAS (MOTU Audio System) platform that integrates a custom three gigabyte core library of thousands of sounds with a powerful user interface for shaping unique variations of the core sounds. Each virtual instrument opens as a native plug-in inside Digital Performer and instantly supplies the user with thousands of sounds - and millions of variations - at their fingertips. At NAMM, Spectrasonics launched their new line with three ground-breaking products: Atmosphere Dream Pad Module, Trilogy Total Bass Module, and Stylus Vinyl Groove Module.

All of the sample material in each instrument is brand-new, with nothing reused from Spectrasonics existing sample libraries. Each module supplies a massive core library of new sounds, along with controls for modifying and layering them, for virtually limitless, customized variations. The controls for each module vary, and are specifically suited to the type of sounds provided in the library. By tailoring the controls in this fashion, Spectrasonics virtual instruments are easy to use and produce quick results.

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ATMOSPHERE –DREAM PAD MODULE The world’s first Pads Instrument

Atmosphere™ was designed from the ground up by veteran synthesist Eric Persing. If you’ve ever played a Roland synth, then you know his work. In addition to creating influential libraries like Distorted Reality for Spectrasonics, Eric has been the Chief Sound Designer for Roland since 1984, and is responsible for many of the most famous sounds in Roland’s instruments like the groundbreaking D-50, the vintage JX, Jupiter and Juno series, the JD-800/990, and the best selling modern JV and XV series Roland synths. Who better to create a Virtual Instrument dedicated to pad sounds?

The range of sounds is astonishing, from lush analog beds, to crystalline glass swells, europhasers and wavetable sweeps, vocoded choirs, thick string pads, to processed vocal washes and transparent harmonic evolutions. An extraordinary arsenal of vintage and modern hardware and software synths was used to create the core samples in Atmosphere. Sounds this rich put even the best hardware synths to shame!

Atmosphere includes 1,000 pads, with 1,000 interchangeable layers for a million combination possibilities.

TRILOGY –TOTAL BASS MODULE The world's first Electric, Acoustic and Synth Bass Instrument

Trilogy™ takes a unique approach to creating Bass sounds. Each of the 1,000 Basses has dual layers. This allows for new techniques such as varying the balance of microphone and pickup on the acoustic bass, and blending synth tones with Electric Basses. The layers can be freely mixed and matched, providing more than one million combinations. Brand new recording sessions with top LA studio bass players provide the huge collection of multisampled Electric and Acoustic Basses within Trilogy. An innovative new technique Spectrasonics calls “True Staccato” sampling lets you play repeated notes on the basses in real-time with a whole new level of realism. Detailed articulations like glisses, hammer-ons, pulls, harmonics, trills, x-notes, pops, noises and slides of varying speeds are included, as well as a comprehesive variety of instruments and playing styles —Fingered, Picked, Muted, Rock & Roll, Slapping, Ballad, Fretless, Jazz, R&B and much more. There are thousands of samples used in these instruments, mapped with multiple dynamics for amazing expression.

Trilogy is also an extremely powerful Bass Synthesizer. In addition to gigabytes of high-resolution sampled vintage synth waveforms, and thick multimode resonant filters for each layer, Trilogy has the rare feature of analog synth-style Legato triggering and Glide that no other software samplers have. This capability allows for Synth Bass sounds that actually play like a vintage analog synth. This feature can also be used with any of the Electric or Acoustic Basses, for unique hybrid sounds.

STYLUS -VINYL GROOVE MODULE The world’s first Groove Control™ Instrument

Stylus™ combines an enormous arsenal of thousands of original groove creation elements, with a customized interface that significantly extends the capabilities of Spectrasonics' acclaimed Groove Control™ system.

Over 700 insane new breakbeat remix loops with a cutting-edge vinyl attitude, from award-winning producer Eric Persing form the basis of the nearly three gigabyte core library. The grooves are inspiration generators for application in a huge variety of remix genres including R&B, 2-step, Trip-Hop, Chemical, Epic House, Underground Hip-Hop, UK Garage, Downtempo Dub, Nu-skool, Acid Jazz, Trance, Funk, Alternative, Progressive, Rap, Abstract, Urban Neo-Soul, Big Beat, Slo-Jamz, Drum ‘N Bass, and many others.

Users can create original grooves from scratch with instant access to thousands of edgy drum samples. In addition, the inspiring Groove Menus let you remix loops in real-time at every tempo from 50-180 BPM in both straight and swing feels. It’s as simple as selecting a patch and playing your keyboard! No beat calculation is necessary.

Over a thousand wild turntablist FX and DJ trick samples are included, as well as a killer live percussion loop section—including congas, bongos, djembes, shakers, triangles, agogos and tambourines, all of which can be mixed into any groove separately!

Groove Control is a powerful feature even with a conventional sampler, allowing control over the pitch, tempo, feel and pattern independently -but Stylus takes it to a whole new level. Because of the powerful interface and synthesis engine of the plug-in, you can tweak the mix or the tuning of individual snare hits, or filter out just the kick drums… all inside the loop! This is made possible because the Stylus custom interface offers a special Zone editing feature that conventional samplers lack -each sample has it's own envelopes and filter settings, and selecting the samples to modify is as simple as playing the sample from the user's keyboard. New capabilities such as Groove randomization allow loops to "improvise" as they play. The possibilities for creative manipulation are extensive... but Stylus' power is balanced with an emphasis on easy of use and quick access for maximum inspiration.


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