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Waves Restoration Bundle



ANAHEIM, CA - NAMM CONVENTION, January 17, 2002 - Waves, Inc., a world leader in audio plug-in processing technology, made several announcements today regarding Waves plug-in software for Digital Performer, MOTU, Inc.'s flagship audio workstation and MIDI sequencing software.

Restoration Bundle Waves announced MAS (MOTU Audio System) support for its new Restoration Bundle, a collection of plug-ins that establishe a new standard for software based restoration and noise reduction. The Restoration bundle consists of four plug-ins: X-Noise, X-Click, X-Crackle and X-Hum. All four use the latest in psycho-acoustic research and multi-level decision algorithms. Fast and incredibly simple to use, the Restoration bundle plug-ins provide feedback through audio output, audio difference and intuitive graphics. Results are comparable to reference hardware costing up to 10 times more.

"Waves new Restoration plug-ins allowed me to do some great work and stay within budget on restoring and remastering an old album. Linda Hopkins' "Me and Bessie" originals from the '70s were lost and the vinyl I received was in rough shape, but the Restoration tools did an amazing job of cleaning this up. Together, Waves and Digital Performer are an incredible system," said Jim Watson, FAT GROOVE Productions.

The Restoration Bundle is now shipping. A demo version of the Masters bundle is now available at

Masters Bundle Waves announced MAS (MOTU Audio System) support for its new high end mastering package, the Masters Bundle, comprised of Liner Phase EQ, a Linear Multi-band, and L2. This bundle sets a new standard for transparency, control and sonic excellence from any software OR hardware piece currently available. This is made possible by Waves unique implementation of linear phase technology, a breakthrough based on years of advanced R&D that have resulted in plug-ins that meet the demands of the most discerning sound engineers. Waves is pleased to offer this suite of tools to MOTU users.

The Masters Bundle will be available in second half of February 2002 from authorized Waves dealers. For further information, visit

Waves Native 3.2 Waves also announced full support for plug-in automation, along with significant plug-in acceleration, with release 3.2 of their native MAS plug-ins. Waves 3.2 is a high-water mark for Waves support for MOTU users and the MAS platform, one of the most efficient plug-in environments. Waves engineers have further optimized the performance of the entire Waves product line including full support for Digital Performer's state-of-the-art, sample-accurate, ramp-based mix automation features. All Waves plug-in parameters can be fully automated with no artifacts and sample-accurate precision. The 3.2 release also features versions of the Waves Renaissance Reverb and C4 Multiband that have been extensively optimized for well over double the performance of previous versions. The bottom line? Digital Performer can run more powerful Waves processors simply by installing the 3.2 update.

Waves native 3.2 is now available for download at

Multi-processor support On multi-processor G4 Power Macs, Digital Performer provides double the amount of plug-in processing power than on an equivalent single-processor G4. In addition, the MAS (MOTU Audio System) engine has been designed to allow all MAS plug-ins to take full advantage of this x2 speed increase. At NAMM, Waves announced a on-going development effort and commitment to support Digital Performer's multi-processing architecture in an update of their MAS-compatible native plug-ins in the near future. Details will soon be available at

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