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Bomb Factory v3

Bomb Factory Releases New Version 3.0 for Digital Performer

Includes New Features, Enhanced Performance, and HD/96kHz Support Across All Products

Burbank, CA, December 3, 2002 - Over a year in the making, Bomb Factory demonstrates its commitment to the highest-quality audio processing available with the BF 3.0 release for Digital Performer and MAS. pan>

Bomb Factory President Erik Gavriluk details the effort made to deliver High Definition version for Digital Performer/MAS users:

"Bomb Factory designs and builds software that behaves like real equipment. One benefit of this detailed and laborious approach is that we have a proper reference--the original piece of analog gear. We do whatever is necessary to match it exactly.

In order to add 96k support, each of Bomb Factory's models was re-analyzed, re-modeled, re-designed and re-tested from scratch in order to provide the best possible authentic sound at each of the new higher sample rates.

While much debate has raged over the benefit of 96k sample rates in digital recording, one key variable has been missing: high quality signal processing. All hype aside, we're confident that debate will end the first time you turn a knob on our 96k Pultec."

"Together," adds Jim Cooper, Director of Marketing at MOTU, "Digital Performer and Bomb Factory Version 3 deliver the most efficient and authentic plug-in effects processing ever achieved for the native high-definition desktop studio."

Features of Bomb Factory Version 3.0 include:

96k Support
All Bomb Factory products now support 96k sample rates. There are no "upsampling" tricks or other tomfoolery: the products truly run at 96k. In addition the full delay times of products like the Tel-Ray and Moogerfooger Delay are fully maintained in the HD version.

Enhanced Performance
We started the trend, and now we're upping the ante: Bomb Factory has yet again optimized and tuned algorithms for the latest processors with impressive results.

As just one example, you now get over one-hundred (100) Pultec or 1176 instances on the previous generation of Macs. Upgrading your software and staying current with the amazing developments in computer hardware remains the most cost-effective means of adding processing power for the most demanding mixes.

No-Knobsense(tm) User Interface
With Bomb Factory Version 3, you can specify whether you want knobs that work like knobs, or whether you want knobs that look like knobs, but work like sliders. You can hold various keys to switch on the fly, or restrict motion, or even enter a fine-tune mode. Global settings across all plug-ins are stored in Preferences. No-Knobsense, indeed.

Online and Emergency Authorizations
If you purchase online, your iLok can be authorized with just a few clicks. There are no files to worry about, and no cryptic codes to type in.

In addition, Bomb Factory is the first (and only) company that actually trusts its users to do the right thing when it comes to lost software authorizations. Although iLok makes this a non-issue in all but the most absurd situations, you'll be pleased to know that registered customers can generate software authorizations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no questions asked, directly from our website. Although we've been doing this since we launched Bomb Factory, the service now includes emergency iLok authorizations, which may come in handy while traveling. Hey, we run a studio, we have clients, we know how important this stuff is.

New JOEMEEK and Moogerfooger Bundles
The JOEMEEK Compressor & Meequalizer as well as the four individual Moogerfooger products are now available exclusively in low-cost product bundles. Customers who purchased the individual products are eligible for very special pricing when upgrading. Please help us support our hardware partners by purchasing these upgrades and bundles.

Generous Upgrade Pricing
Two upgrade options are available. The price on one of them is tough to beat. Bomb Factory Version 3.0 that adds the performance update and enhanced compatibility, plus the additional features above, is FREE. Just download, install, and insert your iLok. (NOTE: A Version 2 license on an iLok is required. If you don't have this, you'll need to do a paid upgrade.)

If you want to use the new 96k models developed by Bomb Factory or if you want to take advantage of the new bundles, please upgrade to the 3.0 HD version. The price is a modest $100 processing fee per new authorization, with a max of $400. (Other fees may apply.) Please visit the Bomb Factory website ( and click "Buy Online" to get a customized upgrade price quote for your registered products.

In addition, those who upgrade to Version 3 HD or purchase new HD products before 12/31/02 will not be charged for an upgrade to OS X when available.

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