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MacAudioLab Releases New Digital Performer 3.11 CD-ROM Tutorial

Sacramento, CA – Thursday, December 5, 2002 – MacAudioLab, makers of The Complete Digital Performer Learning Series, have released an update to the series that focuses on all the new features of Digital Performer 3.1. "So many customers wanted a separate tutorial for the new version of 3.1 that we just made a brand new tutorial with over an 1 hour of new and improved videos just on DP 3.11," says Michael Neal, President of MacAudioLab. "They are full screen shots with no moving screens, the audio is in MPEG 4 (you'll need Quicktime 6 player installed), and there's more examples than ever on the videos. I wanted to offer a very cost-effective update to our previous series, yet really delve into all the aspects of the new version."

MacAudioLab is offering this new separate CD-ROM at a discounted price of $14.99 (+tax for CA residents) for domestic orders and $19.99 for international orders. This price includes shipping and handling and all orders will be mailed via USPS. The CD-ROM is available directly from the companies website at :

The cross-platform CD is roughly an hour long and they movies are at 800X600 full screen shot Quicktime movies. PDF documentation accompanies the CD-ROM for a searchable archive of topics as well as where to find them on the CD-ROM.

Here are the topics covered:

• Unlimited multiple Undo/Redo
• Enhanced Track Grouping
• Soundbites Window enhancements
• New Tools
• I-Beam tool
• Mute Soundbite tool
• Scissor Tool
• Tool Enhancements
• New Edit Menu commands
• Heal Separation
• Split at Counter
• Trim End/Trim Start
• New Selection Pane in the Control Panel
• Two New Memory transport modes
• Link Playback to Memory
• Preroll and Postroll
• Link Playback to Selection
• Enhanced fade/crossfade insert and editing
• Time Format Enhancements
• Zooming with Playback Wiper
• New Compact Project command
• Broadcast WAV file import
• Edit Grid Enhancements
• Enhanced waveform editing of surround audio files
• Edge-editing multiple Soundbites
• Rectified Waveform Display
• Automatic audio conversion
• Enhanced Time Stretching and pitchshifting
• Solo exemption
• Mixing board track order option
• Searching for Commands
• New Selection Commands
• Rex File Import
• Tap to Enter Tempo
• The Tap Pad
• Quantize Enhancements
• Drum Editor Enhancements

For further information, visit, or call (916) 821-5800. If you would like an evaluation copy for review, contact Michael Neal (see below).

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Press Contact: Michael Neal
Phone: (916)-821-5800

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