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ZBox — guitar pickup impedance adapter

"MOTU's ZBox offers a portable, simple to use and unversal way to simulate the impedance of the Hi and Low inputs found on many classic Fender amps, to remove impedance mismatches and help give you better emulated guitar tones."

Recording magazine
December 2010

ZBox compatible devices

What types of devices can you use ZBox with?

You can use ZBox with pretty much any device that has an "instrument" or preamp input suitable for a guitar. Examples include:

  • Audio interfaces
  • Mixers
  • Recording devices
  • Wireless transmitters
  • PA systems
  • Effects processors

Use ZBox with any of these devices to sweeten your guitar tone and make it "feel" more like playing into a real guitar amplifier.

ZBox is not a computer-related device and does not require any software drivers. It does not even require a power source! Simple!