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FastLane (serial) Overview

FastLane (serial) is a 1-in/3-out MIDI interface with MIDI thru ($59, compatible with Macintosh serial ports).

picture of a FastLane interface

The professional MIDI interface for your home studio: FastLane is a simple 1 input, 3 output Macintosh MIDI interface. It installs in seconds and opens your Mac to a world of music software. Compatible with virtually all Mac MIDI software. FastLane's unique advantage: a MIDI thru button allows you to play to your gear even when your computer is turned off-without having to disconnect cables. No other 1x3 Mac interface offers this feature.

The FastLane also has a printer thru switch which allows you to connect to your printer without switching cables or forcing you to buy a port switcher.

In and out status lights provide quick visual confirmation of MIDI transmission.

FastLane's "MIDI split" feature can split an incoming signal to two outputs.

No power supply or batteries required!

Includes serial cable.