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896mk3 Hybrid — 8 mic/guitar inputs with on-board effects and mixing

Clock and sync

The 896mk3 uses extremely accurate Direct Digital Synthesis™ for internal clocking and for resolving to external word clock or SMPTE time code sources. The 896mk3 can resolve directly to time code, with no additional sychronizer required.

Direct Digital Synthesis™ clock

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The 896mk3 is equipped with Direct Digital Synthesis™ (DDS), a DSP-driven phase lock engine and very high frequency digital clock source that produces imperceptibly low jitter characteristics (well below the overall noise floor), even when the 896mk3 is resolved to an external clock source via either word clock or SMPTE time code. This technology represents the very latest in extremely high-performance, yet cost-effective digital audio clocking. DDS also allows the 896mk3 to maintain an extremely stable clock while resolved to incoming clock sources that have substantially more jitter than the 896mk3 itself.

On-board SMPTE time code synchronization

You can slave your 896mk3 system directly to SMPTE time code, without a dedicated synchronizer, via one of the 896mk3's analog input jacks. The 896mk3 provides a DSP-driven phase-lock engine with sophisticated filtering that provides fast lockup times and sub-frame accuracy.


SMPTE Console software

The included MOTU SMPTE Console™ software (for Mac OS X and Windows 7/Vista) provides a complete set of tools to generate SMPTE for striping, regenerating or slaving other devices to the computer. Like CueMix FX, the synchronization features are cross-platform and compatible with all audio sequencer software that supports the ASIO2 sample-accurate sync protocol.