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8pre — 16 x 12 USB audio interface with 8 mic inputs

Inputs and Outputs

All inputs and outputs are independent and available at all times.

For example, using a mic-preamp input does not 'steal' an input from the ADAT optical input bank. As another example, the headphones and main outputs are available as separate mix destinations. In addition, CueMix DSP gives you all the flexibility you need. For example, you can configure CueMix DSP to mirror an existing mix bus to the headphones.

Input Output
mic preamps 24-bit 96-kHz on XLR/TRS combo 8 -
main outputs 24-bit 96kHz on bal/unbal TRS - stereo
headphone output - stereo
ADAT optical 24-bit 96-kHz (digital) 8 8
Total 16 12