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Audio Express — 6 x 6 Hybrid Firewire/USB2 interface

Tuner and analysis tools

The CueMix FX software included with the Audio Express provides an instrument tuner, plus a wealth of tools for audio analysis and diagnostics to awaken your inner engineer.

Instrument Tuner

Before you play or record, you need to be in tune, right?

The CueMix FX app's instrument Tuner lets you quickly tune your guitar, bass, sax, or other pitched instrument. The more complex the harmonics of the input signal, the wider the LED band gets. So if your guitar strings are wearing out, the Tuner's LED meter will let you know. Other features include adjustable tuning reference and test tone generation.

FFT and spectrogram display

FFT and Spectrogram

Visually monitor the frequency content of your music or other audio material as it plays. The Audio Express superimposes a Fast Fourier Transform directly on the sonogram display so that you can see the relationship between the two for the audio material being monitored.



This is not your grandpa's oscilloscope. With modern digital precision, you have unprecedented control over how you view audio material using features like waveform recognition, split screen, trigger (with programmable criteria), and much more. Analyze harmonic content, view transients, or detect clipping with one-sample precision.

X-Y Plot

X-Y Plot

The X-Y Plot graphs the amplitude of a stereo signal on a two-dimensional grid, allowing you to see the width of the stereo field of a mix in real time. It also helps you detect issues with polarity in stereo mixes, which, if left unresolved, can cause the mix to completely cancel itself out when collapsed to mono.

Phase Analysis

Phase Analysis

Does your mix sound thin? Do you hear strange "flangy" artifacts? It could be suffering from phase or polarity issues. The Phase Analysis display helps you check the phase alignment and polarity of a stereo mix — especially mixes that might be summed to mono — or instruments (like drums) recorded with multiple mics.