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An exciting new soundcard for BPM and MachFive: Jazzistic

Ultimate Sound Bank has just released Jazzistic, the first add-on soundcard designed specifically for BPM and MachFive. Jazzistic gives you complete access to BPM-compatible kits, patterns, loops and individual sounds, just like BPM's included library. You'll find authentic sounds and instruments entirely dedicated to the artistry of jazz music: drums, double bass, jazz guitar and electric keyboards.

  • Published: 2009-05-22 15:08:55

Upgrade to MachFive 2 from GigaStudio, Kontakt and others

With unmatched sound library compatibility, industry-leading features and award-winning design, MachFive 2 is the universal sampler of choice for professionals worldwide. If you are an owner of GigaStudio, Kontakt, Structure, SampleTank or other eligible virtual sampler product, you can now upgrade to MachFive 2 for only $295. This unprecedented new upgrade offer allows you to step up to MachFive 2 at a savings of $200. There's never been a better time to switch to MachFive 2.

  • Published: 2008-11-07 16:38:37

MachFive 2 is now shipping

MachFive 2 once again raises the bar for what a virtual sampler should be. No matter what you've got as your desktop production environment of choice, MachFive will fit right in and deliver state-of-the-art features and performance. Start with 32GB of included sounds. You get four dual-layer (8GB) DVDs packed full of multi-sample instruments, loops and phrases you can use every day, including a stunning 8GB grand piano and surround drum kits. MachFive 2 now imports just about every audio file, loop and sampler format on the planet - directly. No conversion is necessary. Just drag and drop loops in any format, including REX2, Acid and Apple Loops, or directly load multi-layer instruments in any major sample format, including Giga, EXS24, Kontakt, Roland, Akai, Kurzweil and E-Mu.

  • Published: 2007-08-09 15:59:51