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Unisyn - MIDI device editor/librarian

Feature Highlights

OS X compatible Compatible with Mac OS X Version 10.4 (but not 10.5 or later). Shares standard CoreMIDI XML patch lists with Mac OS X, DP4 and any other apps that support this OS X feature. Saves studio snapshots in DP projects for easy recall.
new profiles Over 40 additional devices have been added to Unisyn including the Adrenalinn, Korg Triton series, Proteus 2000/2500, Waldorf synths and recent Roland modules like the powerful XV-5080.
redesigned interface DP users will feel right at home with Unisyn 2.0's new interface. Editors have been updated to provide a clearer, more easy to use layout of parameters.
unlimited undo/redo Unlimited undo allows you to concentrate on your editing, not on the software.
window sets 26 window sets provide a quick and flexible way to manage window layouts.
'bookmarked' sessions Nearly everything is remembered between sessions. You automatically pickup right where you left off.
parent/child links Maintains links from parent files (for example, performances) with their associated 'children' (for example, patches) to make managing your data a breeze.
improved card/cartridge support Unisyn can now intelligently manage your removable media.
improved "Compare" feature Displays which parameters have changed and what the different values are. Compare is "live," keeping track of your changes as you edit a patch.
improved profiles Most profiles now use a modular bank upload/download system - which speeds up your workflow by only downloading the data that is required.

Existing profiles have been updated to take advantage of Unisyn improvements such as parent/child relationships, card/cartridge management & hierarchical patch editor structure.

patch generator Unisyn's blend & mingle and randomize features have been combined into a full-blown patch generator that generates hundreds of patches at the click of a button (unrestricted by the bank size of the device)
snapshots Snapshots group together all the individual elements that used by your devices so everything can be restored perfectly, even if your MIDI setup changes. All the required data resides inside a snapshot.
paste sections Improved pasting options allow you to paste sections or groups of data from one patch to another to greatly speed sound design.
all-purpose documents All-purpose documents (formerly known as libraries) can contain a mixed combination of patches, banks and snapshots, consisting of any type of data. The number of items in the document is unlimited.
keywords Unisyn allows you to assign any number of keywords to a patch so you can locate patches quickly and easily.