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How do I convert my MIDI sequence to Audio?

MIDI is a language and does not contain audio in and of itself, rather it gives commands and triggers MIDI devices to play sounds and controller information.

If your MIDI triggers sounds that are generated from an external sound source such as a:

  • MIDI Sound Module
  • Synthesizer
  • Sampler

then, you will need to connect the analog or digital outputs of that device into your audio interface to capture the audio onto an audio track.

If your MIDI sequence uses sounds from soft-synths or soft-samplers, and you are using Digital Performer 6.0 or later, most soft-synths can simply be included in your selection when you Bounce to Disk. If you are using an older version of Digital Performer, or if the virtual instruments you are using do not support DP6's Bounce to Disk, you can use the freeze command:

  • Highlight the Instrument Track that your soft-synth is on
  • Highlight the MIDI track(s)
  • Go up to the Audio Menu and select "Freeze Selected Tracks." The audio will print and you can drag this soundbite into another track to keep it.

If your MIDI sequence is using sounds from a ReWire application like Reason or another application,

  • Add a stereo audio track or mono audio track
  • Set the input to be the outputs of whichever application you are sending from

For example, if you are using Reason, add a stereo audio track and set the input to be, Reason Main: L-R, or any specific output which your Reason rack unit is outputting to.