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Project Glitches and Preference Removal

Specific Digital Performer project or projects exhibit(s) unusual visual/performance glitches or consistent crashes.

If a specific Digital Performer is exhibiting graphical issues or crashing in a consistent manner, try launching the project in Safe Mode. Click the DP icon/.dpdoc file as if to launch normally, and immediately hold the Alt/Option key when you see the DP splash screen. In the Plug-In Set Selection window that appears, select “Safe”. This will launch DP with only MOTU plug-ins enabled. If the project launches and operates correctly in Safe Mode, suspect a third-party plug-in issue.

If the issues also occur in Safe Mode, it is possible that the project file or one of its components is corrupted. Try creating a fresh version of the project by one of the following processes:

(1.) Create an empty project and use File > Load to open the project in question within the new project. Be sure to select "Load Chunks" and highlight the Chunks you wish to transfer, as well as any Soundbites, Consoles, Settings, etc. The new, loaded Chunk will then appear as a selectable option in your Sequence Menu.

(2.) Use File > Save A Copy As... to create a duplicate of the project and all of its components.

(3.) Utilize DP's Clippings function to transfer sequence data from one project to another. Use Project > Clippings > New Digital Performer Clippings Window to summon a small, floating window ('Untitled' by default). Drag whichever data you wish to transfer into this Clippings Window; this can include Soundbites, MIDI data, Tracks, or entire Chunks/Sequences.

Then, open a new project and use Project > Clippings to access your previously created Clippings Window at the bottom of this menu. Drag the entities from this window into your fresh project.

(4.) If you can identify a point in time at which this behavior began, you could try opening the project from an autosave in the project folder. Autosave settings are configured in Preferences > General > Document > Autosave.

If this behavior occurs in multiple projects, it could indicate a corrupted preference file within DP. This would necessitate a preference removal. Note that this process will reset any custom configurations you may have set, such as Themes/Colors, Project Templates, and Command Bindings. It will also cause DP to rescan your audio plug-ins upon startup.

Mac Users:
Quit DP. Then, open any Finder window and click the Go menu. With the menu exposed, hold the Option key and click the Library item that appears in the list. Scroll down to the folder called Preferences, and locate the folder and .plist files named “com.motu.DigitalPerformer,” as well as “com.motu.MotuAudioSystem.” Move these to the desktop, open DP and test the behavior.

Windows Users:
Quit DP. Then, go to C:\Users\Username\AppData (you will need to type this in the file path manually)\Local\MOTU\Digital Performer\Preferences, and delete the contents of the Preferences folder. Then, relaunch DP and test this behavior.